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Has the quality of our politicians declined or is the world becoming impossible to manage?

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Global Business, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Michael Cox We live not just in ‘interesting times‘, but in quite extraordinary times where few in the West now appear to have much confidence any longer in the notion of the West. Time therefore to take a moment to reflect on how these multiple and most unexpected changes will impact on the global …

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Leading with Ethics and Compliance

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Corporate Governance, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Mark Meaney As millions take to the streets in a global protest of corporate malfeasance, Dean Rich Lyons of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, has taken the approach that ethics reform begins from within an

Which Companies Benefit Most from UN Global Compact Membership?

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, OPERATION, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Global Business, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Jette Steen Knudsen In this article I examine a key business question: which kinds of companies are most likely to benefit from joining international corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and how should they proceed?

Understanding Cloud Computing Competition, Environment and Finance

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Finance & Economics, Climate ChangeComments (0)

By Federico Etro Cloud computing allows firms to rent computing power and storage from cloud computing providers, and to pay on demand; this improves productivity and at the same time has a positive environmental impact, creating new businesses, investments

The Need For Reputation Management Capabilities

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Marketing & Consumers, Social ImpactComments (1)

By Daniel Diermeier Maintaining a strong reputation is critical for a company’s sustained success. Yet, almost every day a new crisis makes the headlines. These developments indicate a fundamental misalignment between growing reputational risk and its

Cloud computing and mobility: Adjusting in a New World – From Threat to Ally

November 24, 2011 • TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Mobility & E-CommerceComments (0)

By Christopher Clark One of the most important CIO agenda items for 2012 is addressing and managing employee-owned mobile devices. This is where productivity, cost and security intersect on a scale larger than any other IT initiative for executive management.

Timberland Investments: A risk analysis

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, SPECIAL FEATURES, Finance & Economics, Climate ChangeComments (0)

By Klaus Biskup Specialist knowledge is essential to maximizing timberland investment opportunities, and in particular, assessing the risks involved…

The Rise and Consequences of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

September 28, 2011 • SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Corporate Governance, Finance & Economics, Social ImpactComments (7)

By Ioannis Ioannou and George Serafeim In the last two decades a growing number of companies across sectors and geographies are communicating to their stakeholders their initiatives and performance within the environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Organizational health: The ultimate competitive advantage

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, People Management, Team ManagmentComments (2)

By Scott Keller and Colin Price To sustain high performance, organizations must build the capacity to learn and keep changing over time.

Ecological Gold – A New Gold Standard

September 28, 2011 • SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Social ImpactComments (0)

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt, Jewellery in Life Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt, Jewellery In Life, works with ecological gold from the Oro Verde (Green Gold) mining project in Colombia, a choice that is a natural consequence of seeking ethical transparency in the selection