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What Happens When Tech Geeks and Billionaires Merge

January 7, 2013 • VideosComments (0)

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Board Responsibility under the FCPA

November 20, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, SPECIAL FEATURES, Corporate Governance, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Thomas R. Fox and Ryan Morgan The nightmare of every corporate director is to wake up to find out that the company of the Board he or she sits on is on the front page of the New York Times (NYT) for alleged illegal conduct. This nightmare came true for the

Going for Gold in the Productivity Olympics? Your Choices in Reward Administration are Business Critical!

September 20, 2012 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL FEATURES, People Management, Finance & EconomicsComments (0)

By James Markham In my previous article (ref: TEBR July/August 2012 edition), I argued that organisations are not paying enough attention to how the Reward relationship with their employees is being managed both by their own Reward functions and by the

Mobile Payments

September 20, 2012 • TECHNOLOGY, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Mobility & E-CommerceComments (0)

By Christopher Coonen, EVP Global Solutions, Sales Marketing Strategy at Ingenico Market Trends The mobile technology market all over the world is booming, with consumer demand for mobile devices on the increase. More mobile phones are sold than PCs and for

D-Hotel Maris: the Ultimate Luxury Experience

July 22, 2012 • SPECIAL FEATURESComments (0)

D-Hotel Maris in Turkey combines the exotic elements of the East and modernity of the West through minimalistic style. Located in the stunning reservation area of the Datca Peninsula and situated high up on the hillside, D-Hotel Maris offers the most

Business Process Excellence: A Prerequisite for Managing Big Data

July 22, 2012 • TECHNOLOGY, OPERATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Process, Digital TransformationComments (0)

By Karl-Heinz Streibich The digitization of both the commercial and social worlds has blurred any boundaries separating them and is fundamentally changing the way we do business. There are now billions of interconnected private and business mobile devices

Effectively Managing Innovation

July 22, 2012 • INNOVATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Daniel Evans At EMLYON we have had the opportunity to help develop the innovation efforts for companies around the world. Our combined experience suggests that there are some key factors that must be considered so that these efforts are effective. These

The Will and Skill to be Strategic

July 17, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL FEATURES, Corporate Governance, Global BusinessComments (0)

By Patrick R. Dailey & Chuck Russell Strategy guidance is a board’s most crucial responsibility. With contemporary directors repeatedly being exhorted to step up their contribution to strategy, the question below tests any Chairman’s confidence in

The Challenges of Global S&OP

July 17, 2012 • OPERATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Process, Supply Chain, Supply Chain ManagementComments (0)

By Karin Bursa What do you want to achieve? Where does your company want to be in 12, 18, 24 months? Do you know? If you don’t, move on to the next article and come back when you have an answer. Why? If you don’t know where you are headed, any road will

Getting More for Less: Revolutionising the Reward “Asset” Empowering Reward to Perform Better. Are We Making Reward “Work” Enough?

July 17, 2012 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL FEATURES, People Management, Finance & EconomicsComments (0)

By James Markham In a period of recession, most major companies look for new ways of selling or streamlining operations. Rarely, however do companies turn to improving the operational capability of the Reward function. Of course, everyone accepts that Reward