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Are High Growth Firms Really About Profit, or Just Greed?

July 17, 2014 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Finance & Economics, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Malin Brännback and Alan Carsrud Successful and profitable growth firms come from a variety of industries, but many viable business ideas are overlooked by investors and policy makers, because they do not fit the assumed mold of technology entrepreneurship. Below, Malin Brännback and Alan Carsrud argue that it has been decades since the creation

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The Gospel of Information Management

May 22, 2014 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Process, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Sherilyn Casiano Information management is not the most fashionable of subjects. Yet as Sherilyn Casiano puts forth in her article, it is the key component to any organized thinking – and is especially valuable in personal wealth management.  

The 3 W’s Growth Dilemmas: What, When & Where?

May 21, 2014 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Global Business, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Mª Julia Prats How do you go from one store in 2006 to 44 (and 28 concessions) in six countries today? Clever experimentation to build a cool brand in the right niche, to execute a brilliant growth strategy, and a unique company culture are some of the

Smart Specialisation and Economic Opportunity in the South West

May 21, 2014 • INNOVATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Global Business, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Richard Ball The city of Exeter is proactively developing its credentials as a true exponent of “smart specialisation”, one of the pillars of the European Commission’s “Europe 2020” strategy to deliver smart and sustainable growth. Below, Richard

Using Business Cases to Champion New Ideas and Advocate Business Growth

March 3, 2014 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Wolfgang Messner Despite clear business-growth objectives, managers often have to make decisions on projects with uncertain outcomes, which can result in failed initiatives, missed goals, and overrunning costs. In this article Wolfgang Messner, author of

Unlocking the Internet of Things

March 2, 2014 • TECHNOLOGY, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By John Bates Big data is amassing like snow in a blizzard, forming an avalanche that threatens to bury anyone who ignores it. Below, John Bates, CTO for Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data, Software AG, discusses how systems with scalability,

Achieving Demand Planning Excellence

January 20, 2014 • OPERATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, Business Process, Strategic Spotlight, Supply Chain, Supply Chain ManagementComments (3)

By Karin L. Bursa Demand planning excellence is the foundation for any successful business. Below, Karin Bursa argues that the demand plan is essential for ensuring all parties in your supply chain have confidence in the numbers and are working towards a

Meeting Expectations

January 20, 2014 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Coaching, John Sutherland on Leadership and Teamwork, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By John Sutherland Most senior teams only have one or two ways of working together and never learn to vary their approach, based on the needs of the work in front of them. Below, John Sutherland argues that team work is a difference engine and divergence is

How to Boost the Insight Generation Power of Your Workforce in Innovation

January 4, 2014 • INNOVATION, Strategic Spotlight, Team ManagmentComments (1)

By Alessandro Di Fiore In a knowledge society, a company’s competitive advantage derives from the capability to generate and apply insights to innovation. Below, Alessandro Di Fiore considers the principles of the Toyota Production System, and argues that

The Language of Deception

November 7, 2013 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Michael T. Braun, Lyn M. Van Swol & Deepak Malhotra Separating lies from truths is key to successful negotiation, and research designed to uncover markers of deception can aid in this goal. Below, Michael T. Braun, Lyn M. Van Swol, & Deepak