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Commercial Property: Spotting the Opportunity

May 20, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Global Business, Finance & Economics, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Michael Keogh Property markets globally have recovered from the valuation declines recorded at the height of the financial crisis, but in large part, this has been restricted to quality product, in quality locations. Whilst theory would imply that a good degree of the projected positive re-valuation has already taken place, prospects for the sector

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Why Emotions Are as “Soft” as Gold Bars (Making Money)

May 20, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Marketing & Consumers, Editors' Pick, Emerging Ideas, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Dan Hill For brand-oriented consumers and leaders as well as your average worker, emotions matter. Emotions are central, not peripheral, to both marketplace and workplace behavior. You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but not