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Redesigning Leadership: Design, Technology, Business + Life

November 24, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Global Business, Emerging Ideas, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By John Maeda and Becky Bermont There is a simple saying in Japanese that epitomizes the nature of striving for excellence, “Ue ni wa ue ga aru.” It translates as, “Above up, there is something even higher above up.” To me, it is an eloquent expression of not only an attainable goal in life, but …

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Don’t forget the “real” in Real Estate

September 28, 2011 • SPECIAL FEATURES, Finance & EconomicsComments (0)

By Stefan Wundrak, Director of Research, Property at Henderson Global Investors Are property investments like businesses? When thinking about commercial property strategy, you might take the view that direct investment has more in common with running an

Developing a Breakthrough Service Model for Profitable Growth

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, OPERATION, Finance & Economics, Business ProcessComments (0)

By Philip G. Moscosoand Alejandro Lago Stronger competition and more demanding customers require companies to deliver exceptional service and ultimately offer differentiated value propositions in an efficient way. To do so successfully, companies need to

Timberland Investments: A risk analysis

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, SPECIAL FEATURES, Finance & Economics, Climate ChangeComments (0)

By Klaus Biskup Specialist knowledge is essential to maximizing timberland investment opportunities, and in particular, assessing the risks involved… You might also like: Take Back Control: Sherilyn Williams Casiano on providing the affluent true control

Capturing the Growth Opportunity in Emerging Markets

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Global Business, Delivering Innovation - Accenture ResearchComments (0)

By Henry Egan and Armen Ovanessoff Over the next five years, emerging markets will account for much of the globe’s economic growth. To compete on this terrain, companies in both emerging and developed markets must first grasp the true size of the

The Rise and Consequences of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

September 28, 2011 • SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Corporate Governance, Finance & Economics, Social ImpactComments (7)

By Ioannis Ioannou and George Serafeim In the last two decades a growing number of companies across sectors and geographies are communicating to their stakeholders their initiatives and performance within the environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Credit Insurance – An inside story

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SPECIAL FEATURES, Finance & EconomicsComments (0)

By Neil Botting To help provide a more detailed insight into the broader function of credit insurance and the business benefits, the best way is to look at a real organisation and see it in practice. You might also like: Take Back Control: Sherilyn Williams

Understanding the Cost of Cloud: Cost analysis of In-house vs. Cloud-based Hosting Options

September 28, 2011 • TECHNOLOGY, Finance & EconomicsComments (0)

By Byung Chul Tak, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, and Anand Sivasubramaniam Will cloud-based hosting be economically feasible for any given application if it migrated into the cloud? It is not straightforward to answer this question. You might also like: Big Data: Big

Building Change Capacity in your Organization: Ensuring that you have the talent and bench to implement your strategic agenda

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, People Management, Team Managment, TransformationComments (0)

By Charles H. Bishop, Jr. Introduction Business has experienced an evolution from the agricultural age to the Industrial Revolution to the information age. Now, the talent age has arrived. Companies realize that in a world where every other aspect of doing

Organizational health: The ultimate competitive advantage

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, People Management, Team ManagmentComments (2)

By Scott Keller and Colin Price To sustain high performance, organizations must build the capacity to learn and keep changing over time. You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but not Always Obvious Conflict Contagion: A Virus to