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Changing The CEO Politics and Decisions at the Top

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, Corporate Governance, Succession PlanningComments (0)

By Guido Stein & Manuel Gallego   Introduction 
Companies statistically dismiss twice as many CEOs in bad economic times as in good. Certainly, many senior executives have lost their jobs lately. Yet this new wave of dismissals masks a deeper trend: in the past two decades, the average tenure of a CEO has halved, and …

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What Leaders Do… Requisite Competency for 21st Century Challenges

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, Corporate Governance, Leadership DevelopmentComments (1)

By Patrick R. Dailey
 From the earliest recorded leadership teachings of Confucius to contemporary theorists and practitioners, leadership has consistently been viewed as the decisive factor in the success of an organization – be they feudal clans,

Future Proofing the Boardroom

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, SPECIAL FEATURES, Corporate Governance, Succession PlanningComments (0)

By Lucy P. Marcus The board room is going through an extraordinary time of transition. More is being demanded of boards than ever before, and the activities of boards are under greater scrutiny. You might also like: Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Leadership Failure

Leading with Ethics and Compliance

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Corporate Governance, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Mark Meaney As millions take to the streets in a global protest of corporate malfeasance, Dean Rich Lyons of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, has taken the approach that ethics reform begins from within an

Reinventing Management

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Corporate Governance, Global Business, Emerging IdeasComments (2)

 By Julian Birkinshaw What is the future of management? Can management be reinvented to make it more effective as an agent of economic progress and more responsive to the needs of employees? You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but

Complexity Kills Profits – CEOs need to simplify their businesses

November 24, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, Corporate Governance, Global Business, Finance & EconomicsComments (4)

By Simon Collinson and Melvin Jay The competitive environment is becoming more complex and unpredictable, and senior managers have no control over the underlying trends, from globalisation to technological change. The most damaging kinds of complexity,

The Anatomy of Board of Director Culture

November 24, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, Corporate Governance, Strategic SpotlightComments (0)

By Patrick R. Dailey Culture matters more than before. Unless the right board culture is in place, nothing very special is likely to happen. You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but not Always Obvious Conflict Contagion: A Virus to

The Rise and Consequences of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

September 28, 2011 • SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Corporate Governance, Finance & Economics, Social ImpactComments (7)

By Ioannis Ioannou and George Serafeim In the last two decades a growing number of companies across sectors and geographies are communicating to their stakeholders their initiatives and performance within the environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Think Again: How good leaders can avoid bad decisions

September 28, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, Corporate Governance, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Andrew Campbell and Jo Whitehead Leaders can make good decisions or less good decisions. Several years ago, we set out to understand the causes of these less good decisions. Our main finding is that the bad decisions start when the brain lets us down. You

Why Value Value?

July 20, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Corporate Governance, Finance & Economics, Editors' PickComments (0)

By Tim Koller, Richard Dobbs and Bill Huyett Most executives have figured out how to create value for shareholders through experience, observation, and intuition. They’ve developed a wealth of personal wisdom that typically takes them in the right