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The Search for Innovation Leadership

March 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION, SPECIAL FEATURES, MBAs & Executive Education, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Jeff Gaspersz What do we need to do to build the leaders that are equipped for the new innovation challenges?   You might also like: Speaking Truth to Power Creating an Agile Board of Directors Bridging the Circular Economy and Social Enterprise: The Dutch Ministry of Defence and Biga Groep Insights into the Transformation …

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KYOCERA – a uniquely resource-efficient approach to product design

March 22, 2012 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, SPECIAL FEATURES, Climate Change, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Tracey Rawling Church KYOCERA is a name that may not be familiar, but the company has quietly been designing and manufacturing resource efficient products for many years. For example 20 years ago, the year of the first Rio Climate Summit, KYOCERA made a

Reinventing Management

January 23, 2012 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Corporate Governance, Global Business, Emerging IdeasComments (2)

 By Julian Birkinshaw What is the future of management? Can management be reinvented to make it more effective as an agent of economic progress and more responsive to the needs of employees? You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but

Making Inclusive Growth a Reality: Lessons from India

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Global Business, Delivering Innovation - Accenture Research, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Raghav Narsalay and Anish Gupta Reaching out to the poor in emerging markets has long been a laudable social goal. But in India today, it also represents the biggest business opportunity of the coming decade. While a number of obstacles stand in the way,

On The Trail with the Idea Hunters

November 24, 2011 • INNOVATION, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Andy Boynton, Bill Fischer, with William Bole High-value ideas are not necessarily created. More often than not, they are already out there, waiting to be spotted and then shaped into an innovation. Business ideas come to those who are in the habit of

Managing Paradox: the discipline of strategic execution

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, TransformationComments (0)

By Andrew Binns and Wendy Smith When a business faces the paradox between transforming for the future and securing its current market position, leading change requires a new toolkit. You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but not

Getting a Job In 2025

November 24, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, People Management, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Lynda Gratton Lynda Gratton’s new research identifies the careers and skills likely to be valued in the next decade. You might also like: Reinvention: Critical to Business Success, but not Always Obvious Conflict Contagion: A Virus to Watch and Treat

Redesigning Leadership: Design, Technology, Business + Life

November 24, 2011 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Global Business, Emerging Ideas, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By John Maeda and Becky Bermont There is a simple saying in Japanese that epitomizes the nature of striving for excellence, “Ue ni wa ue ga aru.” It translates as, “Above up, there is something even higher above up.” To me, it is an eloquent

Capturing the Growth Opportunity in Emerging Markets

September 28, 2011 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Global Business, Delivering Innovation - Accenture ResearchComments (0)

By Henry Egan and Armen Ovanessoff Over the next five years, emerging markets will account for much of the globe’s economic growth. To compete on this terrain, companies in both emerging and developed markets must first grasp the true size of the

Why Europe’s head belongs in the Cloud

September 28, 2011 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Business Mobility & E-CommerceComments (0)

By Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman, IBM Europe Only four hundred years ago, life and work in my home country, The Netherlands, like much of Europe, was governed by the ringing of the local church bell. With its daily toll, hordes of workers would be summoned