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Big Data Meets Big Brother: The Privacy Risks of Big Data

September 8, 2013 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Digital Transformation, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Viktor Mayer-Schönberger & Kenneth Cukier In Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier consider the benefits and threats of a big data world. In the excerpt below, the authors outline the privacy risks of big data, revealing how the value of information no …

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Dynamism and Discontinuity: Eight Trends in the Business Environment that will Shape Strategy

September 8, 2013 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Global Business, Editors' Pick, Emerging IdeasComments (1)

By Mike Canning & Eamonn Kelly The need for bold strategies to capitalise on the dynamism of our times has never been greater. Below, Mike Canning and Eamonn Kelly outline eight trends that are shaping the competitive futures of firms. You might also

Designing Inspiring Futures: Six Lessons of Sustainable Innovation

September 8, 2013 • INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Steven P. MacGregor & Tamara Carleton Sustainability remains the key term for our future world. As Steven P. MacGregor and Tamara Carleton embark on a major new research work which aims to gain insight into sustainable living in 2050, the authors

How Enterprises Exploit Five Digital Capabilities to Globalise

September 8, 2013 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Global Business, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Siew Kien Sia, Peter Weill & Christina Soh Some of the most successful enterprises have embraced global diversity and operate nimbly in multiple countries by digitising key aspects of their businesses. Below, Siew Kien Sia, Peter Weill and Christina

Sustainable Business Model Innovation to Create Value in a World of Finite Resources

September 8, 2013 • INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, Emerging Ideas, Social ImpactComments (0)

By Christophe Sempels & Jonas Hoffmann We have jumped into an era of scarce resources. The related impacts will crescendo in the coming decades but this already raises a clear issue: how to operate in a world where Earth’s resources will have to supply

Collaborative Creativity: Leading High Performance through Theatre

September 8, 2013 • LEADERSHIP, SPECIAL FEATURES, MBA & Executive Education, Emerging Ideas, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Quinn Bauriedel & Jeff Klein Like the multitude of teams in any organization, theatre works under tight timeframes, combines many individuals with different talents, and communicates a vision of the world with the intent to attract and transform its

Overcoming Our Obsession With Technology While Getting The Best It Has To Offer

August 8, 2013 • INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, Business Mobility & E-Commerce, Digital Transformation, Emerging Ideas, Social MediaComments (0)

By Larry D. Rosen We are all showing signs of obsession, accessing our smartphones all day (and all night) due to a need to reduce our anxiety by constantly checking in with social media and electronic communications. This article examines how we relate to

Competitive Advantage Rewired

August 8, 2013 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Global Business, Emerging Ideas, Europe's recovery is possible. This is how…Comments (0)

By Adrian T H Kuah, Mark Esposito & Terence Tse Is competitive advantage still an applicable concept so many years after its introduction? Our research demonstrates that competitive advantage remains relevant, and that it is the primary driver of firm and

Talenting: Framework and Metaphors for a New Processual Approach to Talent Management

July 8, 2013 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, People Management, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Simon L. Dolan & Paulo Hayashi Jr. Although the necessity for attracting, retaining, and motivating talent is an old challenge for all competitive organisations, only in the last decade has this theme been getting increased attention as a field of

Comparative Decision Making: An Emerging Interdiscipline

May 9, 2013 • LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, INNOVATION, Emerging IdeasComments (0)

By Philip Crowley & Thomas Zentall How can we continue to analyse human decision making in an age when free will is considered to be an illusion? The answer lies in a behavioral approach. Instead of thinking of decisions as the result of rational human