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The Five Paradoxes of Brexit

December 16, 2018 • SPECIAL FEATURES, Commentary, David De Cremer on ManagementComments (0)

By David De Cremer Brexit – despite all the promises made – is not necessarily about creating a better economic future for the country but rather reflects a type of identity negotiation; this article discusses UK’s decision to turn away from the EU and how some expected positive outcomes do not necessarily come into reality …

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When is the best time of the day to exercise?

October 31, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor I’ve fielded several questions from executives in the past few weeks, from Caixabank to Russian Railways, on a recurring and simple topic. When is the best time of the day to exercise for a busy, senior executive? ‘Best’ may mean


September 24, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven P. MacGregor The human heart is the engine room for everything you do. Every beat of that engine, which may beat up to 100,000 times per day, comes in the form of a wave. Pumping 7,500 litres (2,000 gallons) of blood in a 24-hour period, tiny

What Governments Need to Understand About Ethical AI

September 18, 2018 • TECHNOLOGY, Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Ideas, Europe's recovery is possible. This is how…Comments (0)

By Josh Entsminger, Dr. Mark Esposito, Dr. Terence Tse, and Danny Goh The increasing application of artificial intelligence across the value chain reflects that such a technological development provides competitive advantages to enterprises. However, as

Could you answer these 3 questions?

August 25, 2018 • LEADERSHIP, MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

I need your help. I’ve been asked to reflect on 3 questions for an interview this week on the Innovation Ecosystem podcast. Founded by anthropologist turned executive Mark Bidwell in 2016 this is a prolific and thought-provoking podcast series that has

Into the wild

July 26, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (1)

By Steven MacGregor “Brisk exercise imparts elasticity to the muscles, fresh and healthy blood circulates through the brain, the mind works well, the eye is clear, the step is firm, and a day’s exertion always makes the evening’s repose thoroughly

The 7 Hacks of Highly Effective Habits by Dr. Steven MacGregor

July 10, 2018 • SPECIAL FEATURES, Videos, BLOGS, MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (1)

How many times have you said that you will change for the better? Dr. Steven MacGegor’s 7 Hacks of Highly Effective Habits can be employed for a successful behaviour change, either to create and sustain a new healthy habit, or stop a more negative one

Ebb and flow

June 22, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive Health, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor I spent some time with Oracle a few weeks ago, during the kick-off to their new financial year. 150 senior leaders from across EMEA came together under their branded ‘Sunrise’ event to hit the refresh button and ensure a good start to

Chief Wellbeing Officer: Learning to Live

May 28, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive Health, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor With the Chief Wellbeing Officer book released this week, we include an excerpt from Chapter 7 on how to achieve lifelong learning. Being surrounded by increasing rates of change together with our longer life journeys, learning is a hot

Why Forgiveness Should Be Part Of Your Compliance Strategy

May 16, 2018 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, People Management, David De Cremer on Management, Editors' Pick, Team ManagmentComments (1)

By David de Cremer Compliance strategies are integral in creating a trustworthy, high performing and innovative work culture. As such, it is imperative for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance especially in today’s complex business