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Chief Wellbeing Officer: Learning to Live

June 9, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive Health, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor With the Chief Wellbeing Officer book released this week, we include an excerpt from Chapter 7 on how to achieve lifelong learning. Being surrounded by increasing rates of change together with our longer life journeys, learning is a hot topic of late, and one we consider of paramount importance for health and …

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Why Forgiveness Should Be Part Of Your Compliance Strategy

May 16, 2018 • STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, People Management, David De Cremer on Management, Editors' Pick, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By David de Cremer Compliance strategies are integral in creating a trustworthy, high performing and innovative work culture. As such, it is imperative for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance especially in today’s complex business

Inner agility for health and wellbeing

April 26, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive Health, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor We look at agile ways of working this month, including an excerpt from episode 7 of the Chief Wellbeing Officer podcast with global expert in agile methodology Jeff Gothelf.   Organizational agility is a hot topic. Many leading

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Leadership Failure was a Predictable Surprise

April 6, 2018 • LEADERSHIP, TECHNOLOGY, David De Cremer on Management, Editors' Pick, Future of Business, Social Impact, Social MediaComments (0)

By David De Cremer In today’s more developed global village, responsible leadership is of paramount importance especially from businesses that make use of digital platforms. In 2017, The European Business Review published an original article by De Cremer,

The Challenge of Leading Digital Platforms in Responsible Ways

April 5, 2018 • TECHNOLOGY, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, David De Cremer on Management, Future of Business, Social ImpactComments (1)

By David De Cremer, Jess Zhang, and Leander De Schutter Digital platform businesses are increasingly being confronted with a host of unethical consequences due to a lack of responsible leadership and regulation. In this article, the authors identify

Leading by example

March 28, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor I’ve been lucky to have had some great conversations this past week without travelling too far from home. Two days spent with Salesforce in Rome was followed by a day in London with O2. As ever I learned a lot from engaging with a highly

The ROI of Wellbeing

February 26, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive Health, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Steven P. MacGregor I was teaching Masters students at IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology this week. Teaching wellbeing at work to an average age of 25 was a refreshing experience. There was no need to try and convince them of the importance of

The Joyous Republic of giffgaff

January 24, 2018 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven P. MacGregor   The Minister for Development arrives at the office by bicycle, and gets straight to work. Meeting the other ministries is first on the agenda today, with a number of initiatives in the offing to improve the day-to-day lives of

Biochemistry 101

December 19, 2017 • MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor   I’ve been lucky enough to teach executives from companies including Oracle, Telefónica, Chevron Philips and Banco Santander the past few weeks in a busy pre-Christmas travel schedule that has included the Middle East, Madrid and

A Conversation with Ann Pickering, Director of Human Resources at O2

November 21, 2017 • BLOGS, MacGregor on Executive HealthComments (0)

By Steven MacGregor We continue our global influencers series this month in conversation with Ann Pickering. This was a recorded interview that you can listen to its entirety on the new Chief Wellbeing Officer podcast here.   Thanks for taking the time