Can the Online Casino Industry Teach Business Longevity?

Business Longevity

The online casino industry has been thriving for some time. The industry is expected to be worth around $77 billion by 2026, showing not just success in the present, but expected success in the future. While other established industries are facing uncertain times, the online entertainment one is thriving – but why? What can other industries and businesses learn from how online casinos have adapted so well to the changing landscape and consumer base of the past decade?

Diversification Strategy

One of the most successful aspects of online casino sites is that they offer a wide range of different ways to engage. Rather than focusing on one area, they spread their net wide to ensure all kinds of consumers are catered for. Looking at the options at the online casino Betfair, for example, shows that covering as many bases as possible helps the business thrive. The site offers online slots, which in turn cover many themes, as well as table games, including live versions. The more diverse a business is, the more likely it is to succeed.

Virgin, for instance, is a good example of unrelated diversification. Over the years, there have been successful Virgin projects – such as their broadband and TV services and unsuccessful ones, such as Virgin Cola. The expansion throughout many different industries reflected consumer demand at the time. While not all were successful or long-lived, the tenacious strategy helped the brand become known as one that would strive to succeed whatever they did. This attitude translated to how customers saw them.

Kodak is often used as a cautionary tale in business. Ignorant to the changing demands of consumers leaning towards digital cameras, Kodak remained in the film development game. Ultimately, their consumer arm was forced to collapse. While they do remain in business, working B2B, they are still thought of as a company that went from the market leaders to obsolete in a short space of time.

Diversification Strategy

Follow the Customer

Another of the major aspects of the online casino industry’s success comes from its very name: online casino. The industry understood that audiences and potential customers would be spending time online and wanting to engage with their products and services in a digital way. So, they ensured that they could do so. By following the customer to where they spent most of their time, online casinos were able to remain relevant and on consumers’ minds.

This also goes for mobile development. As much as people were enjoying being online, as smartphones improved, people then wanted to do everything they normally would on their phones instead. This opened an opportunity for the online casino industry.

But this also works for other aspects of business. For instance, retailers who offer an online component are much more likely to remain relevant and important. The use of apps increases each year, sometimes dramatically, showing that people are inclined to use app technology to make retail purchases. Sites that don’t offer some kind of convenient mobile engagement are lagging behind.

Keep Up with Tech

One of the most important things for a customer is that a product or service they want to engage with is the best it can be. Often, this means the product or service is representative of the latest technology. The online casino ensures that its customers can indulge in this technology, which helps it remain relevant and important.

Live casino options are a good example of this. Players are able to see a dealer in front of them in real-time as they play. This can improve the tension for already exciting games, such as roulette. By using live streaming technology, the site is able to allow customers to tap into the latest developments and therefore allow them to feel as though they are in good hands.

Amazon attempted this hi-tech approach with its checkout-free physical stores. Customers simply took items and scanned them into their bags, walking out with the money automatically being deducted from their Amazon accounts. As shopping has been a consistent process for many years, this flair of modernity helped show that not only did they dominate online spend, but offline spend too.

The online casino industry is going to succeed over the next decade, while other industries are less certain of such success. Seeing how they handle business, it’s clear why. The industry remains relevant and remains important as a method of online entertainment for customers. Ultimately, being something customers still want to engage with is the most important facet in business.


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