Build the house of your dream: Here is how

Build the house of your dream

Have you ever thought about the way you would feel the first time you step into your house? Not on rent or on a lease, just yours entirely, precisely the way you want it, with the same designs you have conceived in your mind. Do you know that it can stop being a dream? Do you imagine what it would take to build a house in New York City? You can build the house of your dream. You only have to learn the steps involved and then trust professionals to realize this dream. Here are a few steps you can take:

Know what you want

The whole idea of building a house starts in your mind. Before you start to look for professionals to help you with the process, settle within yourself the questions of what, where, how, and when.

You should have a clear picture of what you want in your mind. Then, be ready to explain in clear terms what your expectations are. Do you want a duplex, a bungalow, or a small condo? You should decide on the features you want in your building and many other things like what part of town you want your building to be, what features you would want in your house, etc.

Determine how much you can afford

You know your pocket like no one else does. You know your credit score, your savings, and your expenses. Therefore, you should decide how much cost you can afford to incur on the house. When your budget is determined, the professionals you are working with should be the first to know. This process is necessary because they have to adapt their service to your budget. They might advise you to make certain adjustments as necessary. If you feel that you are out of budget and you have other properties, you can consider refinancing your current property to make funds for your new home renovation. Just make sure to check out the refinance rate involved before making the decision. All of these should be settled before you can proceed. 

Employ Professionals

You will need to employ different professionals’ services from start to finish. An architect is essential for the design, a surveyor for proper site measurements, building engineers, and many other professionals in between. The processes should not start without engaging the appropriate professionals. These services are available to you at the NYC property management company where you will find many professionals you can trust with building your dream.

Inform the appropriate authorities

Your house will be sited within a community. Therefore, you should inform the authorities about your intentions. This is done with the Department of Buildings. Proper documentation must be acquired. This will ensure that you adhere to the rules of the state. You may also have to register your building with other government agencies such as the Fire department, City Planning Commission, Department of Finance, Landmarks Planning Commission, etc. This may seem like a bottleneck process, but this protocol should be observed.

Hire a building contractor

You are moving closer to the exciting part. With this process starts the physical manifestation. You hire the services of a building contractor. Before you do so, you must be sure that you trust the person or agency because this is the actual process of materializing the dream you have about your dream house. Therefore, you must be sure that you can trust this building agency to build your house according to the required standard and your satisfaction.

Receive your permit

As much as you might want the building process to start early, you cannot do any work until you have obtained a permit from the Department of Building (DOB). Your architect receives approval for the design, and your contractor should receive a permit before they can start building. Ensure that the permit is obtained before your contractor starts building.

Ensure that inspections are done

The building process can start after both the approval and the permit have been secured. However, as the process is on, inspections should occur on the building. These inspections are divided into categories: Progress Inspections, Special inspections, and inspections by the Department of Building and other agencies. These are important if you will build a house in New York City.

Building the house of your dream may take a lot of processes and wait in between, but it certainly is not impossible. As you take one step at a time, you will realize that the goal is not far away anymore.


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