Best Tech for Scientists

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What is a scientist without their tech? Still a scientist, of course, but one that will likely find it much harder to uncover the secrets of the universe.

From the laboratory fundamentals to the cutting-edge technological magnificence, there is certainly a great deal of ground to cover when it comes to scientific equipment.

Whether you happen to be putting together your very own lab for the first time, or you need to familiarize yourself with some of the best tech available to scientists in today’s world, here are some options well-worth taking a look at.


In order to decipher the secrets of a material at a molecular level, spectrometers are invaluable, and they come in all different shapes and sizes and utilize a range of different techniques and systems for structural identification purposes in the lab.

For example, an x-ray diffraction spectrometer can be used to fire x-rays at a sample, exciting the atomical structure of the material and causing a scatter effect that can be measured to discern its molecular properties quickly and accurately.

The advanced machines at are a prime example of how a great bit of tech can use a straightforward formula to rapidly obtain useful information.


A staple of the laboratory, microscopes are essential for scientists wishing to scrutinize their experiments and observe the hidden world beneath.

From the basic introductory microscope kits to the ultra-complex electron microscopes, there is a wide range to choose from, and they are found in the majority of science-related fields of work.

A few of the more common use-functions might include:

  • Forensic evidence examination
  • The study of microbiology
  • Repairing microelectronics
  • The observation of atomic structures in both bio and non-biomaterials

Magnetic Stirrers

Reliable stir plates can provide you with a huge advantage in the lab in that it helps you control your volumes with extreme precision.

If you can manage to get hold of a magnetic stirrer with a remote heating function, an easily programmable digital interface, and a strong chemical resistance, you should be able to bask in the many advantages of automation.

By having your magnetic stirrer take care of your liquid mixing needs, you can free up your time to make more of an impact on a different part of your experiment, which may be ideal for anyone working on a tight timescale.

Bead Baths

The traditional water bath certainly has its advantages when it comes to storing and altering the temperature of samples, but in order to ensure that your experiments do not become contaminated, the bead bath might be the perfect alternative.

A bead bath can be used to regulate sample temperatures just as a water or ice bath can, except it operates using a slightly different technique.

It negates the need for refilling while ensuring accurate temperature as it protects your experiments from potential harmful reactions and microbes.

A downside is that it may take a little longer to heat up, but other than that, it is an incredibly convenient and easy-to-use contraption well-worth having in any lab.


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