Best Place to Find a Job Outside Europe

Best place to find a job outside Europe

Relocating your entire life to another country tends to be a nerve-racking and overwhelming process.

There are so many different aspects to take into consideration. 

One of the main things is, without a doubt, job prospects in this new and unfamiliar environment.

Pulling a trigger on that decision is rarely an easy thing to do. 

However, it is all about gathering the right amount of information and being prepared for the possible advantages and risks that come with moving to a new location.

If you are looking for a suggestion or maybe a validation of your existing plan, here are some things (and destinations) you should know. 


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On the mention of North America, most people usually think of the USA. But Canada is also an amazing destination to consider for your big move.

With its welcoming immigrant policies, large economy, and rapidly-growing tech industry, Canada eta visa offers numerous job opportunities in various sectors. And bilingual professionals (that speak both English and French) are constantly in demand.

The cost of living is relatively affordable (lower than in the UK for example) and the average wage is high. This makes a good combination that provides a quality lifestyle.

Overall, Canada is considered a safe and stable place to live, with benefits such as universal healthcare, paid leave, high minimum wage, etc.



With its warm climate and overall excellent quality of living, Australia is a highly sought-after destination for moving abroad. Especially if you are looking for seasonal and short-term job opportunities (as they offer 12-month working holiday visas).

Bear in mind that the cost of living tends to be on the higher end of the scale (even higher than in the UK or US) but the wages are high as well so you can cover all the amenities and live comfortably.

And you will have free time to do just that, live and explore this beautiful country. What attracts foreigners to Australia the most is a balanced work-life ratio.

Dubai (UAE)

Dubai (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai in particular, have been (and still is) a highly desired and sought-after place to visit, live and work. 

It is well-known by now that Dubai is an epicenter for foreign professionals that are aiming for highly paid job positions. With its lucrative opportunities, low taxes, and high living standards, this city might have caught your attention already (and rightfully so).

Here are a few other advantages of Dubai: 

  • business-friendly – with benefits such as tax-free investments and a vibrant entrepreneurial environment, it is a great place to establish new business
  • language – knowing Arabic will certainly give you a leg-up but English is widely spoken so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier
  • infrastructure – its construction sector is constantly evolving and attracting infrastructure investors worldwide
  • global exposure – being well-connected on a global level, Dubai is an ideal place to give you the biggest grounding in international business
  • real estate – whether you are thinking of purchasing property, renting it, or just looking for an affordable option like rooms for rent in Dubai, this city can accommodate your real estate needs.

However, do keep in mind that you are emerging yourself in a different culture so some habits and behaviors need to be adjusted to its rules (tradition and law are held in high regard). It is all part of the experience abroad.



The country’s general position in the international market and its strong economy make it a great place to work or establish your own business as a foreigner.

English language skills are highly valued especially for teaching positions but for other job prospects as well. China’s multinational companies are always on the lookout for foreign, English-speaking professionals.

When it comes to the visa process and additional paperwork, having a job before you move to China will make the whole thing run much more smoothly through the company’s sponsorship.

This culturally rich destination is a perfect place for new experiences and various opportunities for exploration and adventure. 

South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is climbing up the ladder and claiming the tops of the best-place-to-work- abroad lists.

There are so many job opportunities for those that are fluent in English. This particularly goes for teaching jobs since the government is investing in the education system.

High wages paired with low living cost makes South Korea an ideal place for a new business venture. And the visa application tends to be easy. There are different types of visas and the E-2 one is usually the fastest to acquire.

However, be prepared that aside from some cultural adjustments, moving and working in this country will probably require a certain change of pace. South Korea has one of the longest working hours in a developed nation.

Final thoughts

These are just a few prosperous places (outside Europe) to consider if you are looking for a fresh start or a favorable environment for the beginning (or extension) of your career.

With the new culture, languages, and job prospects, it might be the perfect opportunity for a change of pace in both your business and in life.


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