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Writing is a means of self-expression. People write to express their ideas, views, thoughts, opinions, and much more. It is almost a reflection of the person’s mind and their thinking. Creative writing has played a major role in the education circles for a very long time, with teachers trying to hone and sharpen their student’s writing abilities from a very young age, hoping that they will become great writers, able to properly express themselves when they grow older.

Students are tested for their creative writing skills as they grow older, but just like any other skill; it is not something every student possesses. Being able to write a good essay is integral to the educational progress of the students and not having this skill can negatively impact students’ grades and their GPA. For this very reason, students take help from tutors and even hire professional writers to help them write the assignments and essays they aren’t able to. These professional writers charge students for their services.

Just like any other service provider, the charges of a creative writing service provider may vary depending upon the person, their skills, experience, and even preference. Some students have to pay quite a lot for a very simple assignment just because they only have that one creative writer who they know. Monetary management is an issue every student faces and having to pay for such expensive services on top of bills and tuition can prove to be very detrimental for the student, especially, considering that the essay or piece of writing may not even turn out to be that good.

There are a few trusted sources that provide excellent creative writing services for very reasonable prices, which the students can avail themselves of at any time. These creative writing services are top-notch and the student has some guarantee that the resulting piece of writing will be of good quality and will result in a good grade. Following are a few of the creative writing services providers available online.

1. 99Papers

99papers is one of the most popular platforms available on the internet which offers creative writing services. The platform has several experienced and talented writers available at all times and students have free reign over when they need their assignment. The platform is really easy to use and the services are readily available. Students don’t need to go through lengthy procedures just to get an assignment.

The website is also relatively cheap, keeping in mind the fact that students don’t have a lot of money and the little earning they make, usually goes into paying bills. Nevertheless, the following are the rates for different creative writing services available on the website.

99papers offers a variety of services for different price ranges depending upon a series of factors. Generally, a higher word count results in higher prices. The higher the level of education, the more difficult it is to write for that particular level as more extensive research is required. Due to this reason, the price of an essay for a higher education level such as for a Master’s level student will be much higher than an essay written for a High School level student.

For instance, an essay with 1000 words count for a high school level student completed in a week will cost around $52, whereas the same essay completed in the same time but for a Master’s student will cost around $98.4. Similarly, the shorter the amount of time given to the creative writer for the completion of the assignment, the higher the price will be. A 2000 words essay writer for a Master’s student in 15+ days will be written for $178.4, the same essay will cost around $268 if it needs to be completed in 24 hours.

99papers has very good reviews online, with satisfied students leaving comments about the good grades and GPAs they obtained after submitting essays from 99papers. There are a few bad reviews that claim that 99papers does not reach the standard for higher education level writings such as for Ph.D. and Masters, but that can be acclaimed to individual experience over a general outlook. This Dallas, Texan-based platform is perhaps one of the best creative writing platforms available online.

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is another platform that offers a wide array of services from Creative Writing to Proofreading and Editing to even Problem Solving. The platform has been simplified so that students can easily access their services and gain the most benefit out of them. In three very simple steps, students can get quality content papers and solutions to problems. Students need to simply make an order and confirm their mode of payment. They can track the progress of their order online and after the writer is done with the assignment, they can check the sample provided on the website to ensure that it fits their requirements. The students can even ask for a free revision if they want specific changes to be made to their assignment.

PaperHelp is one of the few platforms that pay keen attention to monetary exchange and have a return policy if the content is not up to par. Their server is entirely secure so the students can rest easy knowing that their personal information will not be leaked. Furthermore, the content is always 100% plagiarism free and with a 100% anonymity policy, there is no chance for any educational institute to find out that the essay was not written by the student.

With 681,394 samples completed in total and around 105,000 happy and satisfied students from all over the world who have availed their services, PaperHelp is an easy and recommended solution for students who are overburdened and do not have time to write their essays or feel like they do not have the skills to get good grades with their writing.

Additionally, Paperhelp is affordable and saves time, with essays being written starting at a rate of $10 per page, the platform even offers bargaining services and discounts so that the students may be able to gain access to great essays at cheap prices.

3. EssayBox

EssayBox is an online platform designed to provide the best creative writing services to students from all over the world in a timely fashion and at affordable prices. The platform has very talented, experienced, and highly qualified writers with a fast turnaround and response time. Essays on any subject and in any format can be ordered as the writers are well versed in a variety of fields and can research and provide high-quality essays on almost any topic.

Furthermore, the platform provides essays that fit the needs of every educational level, from a high school student to a researcher enrolled in a Post-doc program. With a few easy and simple steps, every student can gain access to the creative writing services of a professional writer. Furthermore, the platform is very affordable, keeping in mind the fact that students usually do not have a lot of money and that they survive by budgeting their resources.

EssayBox also lets you calculate an estimate of what an essay may cost you so that the student is well aware of how much money they may have to pay for an essay beforehand. A one-page essay written for a high school student in a week will cost them $19, whereas the same essay written in the same period and of the same length will cost around $31 for a Ph.D. level student. Furthermore, the shorter the time given to the writer to complete the assignment, the higher the cost the student will have to pay.

The platform also offers the service that if the student is not satisfied with the provided essay, they may ask for a refund. The charges are also transparent and there are no secret or hidden charges that may be deducted from the students’ accounts. The best part is that EssayBox offers a lot of free Add-ons such as Title Page, Bibliography page, Outline, Plagiarism check, Unlimited revisions, Formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, etc.), and Installments payment options.

4. Studdit

Perhaps not as popular as some of the other platforms mentioned above, Studdit is, nevertheless, one of the best creative writing services providers available online. With a 4.9 rating out of 5 on their website, the platform has made a lot of students happy with their high-quality content.

The platform offers writing services for not only essays but also research papers, dissertations, and even resumes. With very affordable prices, the platform provides timely results and even has a return policy in case the student is not satisfied with the result. The students can also get in contact with their assigned writers directly to overlook their progress and to ensure that the writer understands what the student needs.

An essay written for a high school level assignment with a word count of 1000 and the total time given to be 1 week may cost the student around $68. The same essay written in the same period may cost a Mater’s student around $92. The platform also offers VIP services for when a student needs an assignment immediately. The shortest period in which Studdit writers may be able to complete an assignment is 3 hours and the length of the paper cannot be more than 2 pages.

5. EssayPro

EssayPro is a platform that offers a variety of services about creative writing, such as essay writing, editing, and proofreading, dissertation, term paper, and admission paper writing, course work help, and even Physics help. The platform offers a lot of free add-ons such as the Title page and Outline. Additionally, the student can ask for an unlimited revision in the 7-week window after the essay is provided to the student.

The platform also provides an originality report along with the paper to reassure the student that the provided content is 100% original and has not been plagiarized in any way or form. Editing a 1000 words essay for a college student in a week will cost them $19.38 while writing a 1000 words essay for a college-level student in 7 days will cost them $38.76. The price may vary depending upon the educational level of the student, the type of content they require, and the time limit the writer has been allotted.


What is Creative writing?

By creative writing, we mean any piece of writing that does not fall under the academic, professional, or Journalistic writing genre and focuses more on personal expression and use of individualistic writing style, including literary techniques and literary devices. What makes creative writing different from professional or academic writing is the fact that creative writing draws from the imagination of the writer, their thinking and opinion through their use of Literary devices, symbolism, and form of Narration.

Creative Writing includes a range of different forms of genres like Poetry, short and Long Stories, Novella and Novel, Scripts, Screenplays, Fiction, and Non Fiction writing. Similar to Academic writing, depending on its type, Creative writing also consists of a lot of elements. For instance, Novels and Stories generally have a plot, characters, starting, beginning, resolution, climax, and much more. Character development and resolution of the conflict are some other important elements that may be found in a piece of creative writing.

What makes creative writing so special is the fact that it is the expression of thoughts and emotions. It offers a kind of freedom that academic writing lacks, allowing the writer to paint the paper in their colors. This results in every writer having their style of writing that differs from all other writers, similar to an artist’s signature that is recognizable in every stroke of the brush and splash of color. The main aspect of creative writing is how it impacts the reader and how it sits with them.

What are some creative writing prompts for adults?

No matter how talented and experienced a writer a person is, there comes a time when they face every writer’s nightmare; Writer’s block. A writer’s block refers to a slump in which a writer is unable to write anything substantial. It is very difficult to get over and causes every writer a great load of anxiety. One way of getting out of a Writer’s block is by the following writing prompts, as these prompts allow the creative flow to resume and help the writer get back on their feet, or more accurately, on their pen.

Writing prompts are not only reserved for writers going through writer’s block, rather any person can follow these prompts to either write or learn to write better. These prompts help improve creative writing abilities and can prove to be a lot of fun. Some of these prompts are as mentioned below.

If you no longer had your responsibilities binding you down and you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you? Write about your adventure.

If you could re-do one moment of your life and change it, what would you change and for what reason? How do you think it will impact the rest of your life?

If today is the day the world ends and you know about it, how would you spend it?

What if you had an adult-sized imaginary friend? What do you think they will look like? How will they act? What do you expect of them?

What are creative writing classes and are they beneficial?

Creative writing classes are classes designed specifically to help hone a person’s creative writing skills or teach them from scratch if they don’t possess any such skills. There is a lot of controversy surrounding creative writing classes, as many people think that creative writing is a skill that cannot be taught. One of these opinions holders is the writer Hanif Qureishi, who believes that creative writing is an innate talent and not something that can be taught to someone who does not possess it.

Others have come forward with the opinion that just like any other skill, some possess a natural affinity towards it and are better at it naturally and some do not possess the ability at all. Nevertheless, it can be learned like any other ability. Similar to how some people are natural artists and some learn to paint, there are natural writers and those who learn to write.

Many critics and writers recommend taking creative writing classes as writing is something that we have to do at all points of our life and if learned, this skill will prove to always be beneficial. From a student to a professional, to a parent writing a note for their children, creative writing infiltrates all aspects of our life and that is why creative writing classes are recommended and are a good option for those who want to write better or want to learn how to write properly.

What are creative writing jobs?

Being a creative writer is a full-time profession and requires just as much effort, time, and experience as any other job. A creative paper writer is a writer who writes to express thoughts and emotions outside the restraints of academic writing and professional writing. To be a content writer, one needs to get a degree in creative writing. This four years program educated the students about all forms of creative writing, their rules, and how a writer can construct their style whilst writing.

There are instances when a person not having a degree in creative writing becomes a creative writer, but that is usually because they have a natural affinity towards it and are naturally talented in writing. Some people think that creative writing is not a proper career and one cannot make a living out of it, but this idea is inaccurate. There are many career options available for content writers. Some of these career options have been mentioned below.

  • Marketing communications or copywriting
  • Web content writer or blogger
  • Journalist
  • Public relations
  • Technical writer
  • Communications director
  • Social media specialist
  • Grant writer
  • Freelance Writer

There are many options other than those mentioned above for those who have a degree in creative writing. One thing to be remembered is that having a degree in creative writing does not ensure that a person will get a job as a creative writer. A lot of factors play a role in getting a lucrative and beneficial job as a content writer, which includes talent, skill, and experience.

How can you get a creative writing degree? And is it worth it?

There weren’t always educational options available for learning creative writing. Creative writing was thought to be something of a skill, which either a person possessed or did not possess. There was no in-between. 35 years ago, when the first creative writing course was offered by the University of East Anglia for the British MA, it caused quite the scandal. Many people thought that universities were only trying to cash people’s dream of being a writer while being fully aware that it is not something that can be taught to a person who does not have the skill for it.

Nevertheless, more and more universities started offering courses in creative writing, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. These courses help students improve their creative writing skills and teach them how they can make a career out of it. The question, though, is whether or not a Creative writing degree gets you a job.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. According to HR managers and hiring experts, in creative writing, the personal skill, experience, and portfolio of a person matter more than their educational background. Even if a person has a degree in creative writing, if they are not a good writer, it is unlikely that they will be hired as a content writer. On the other hand, even if a person does not have a degree in creative writing but they are a good writer, they may just get hired as a creative writer.

This in no way means that a degree in creative writing is useless. Rather it can help a lot in polishing up a person’s skills and even shaping a person into a proper writer. The average salary of a creative writer in the USA is around $61,000 a year. While there has been a general decrease in job openings for content writers in the past few years, it can be expected that due to social media platforms and digital news outlets, the coming years will see an increase in the number of jobs available for Creative writers.

What are some good creative writing ideas?

Staring at a blank piece of paper or a blank laptop screen, unable to start is the worst feeling for a writer. This often happens if a writer is facing writer’s block or cannot think what to write about. When the creative well of a writer runs dry, it is the worst feeling in the world. But it is not something one cannot recover from. Rather, with a bit of effort and some Creative writing ideas, the writer can get right back on track.

Following are a few creative writing ideas that can get the creative gears turning again.

Magical Realism. Fantasy and Science Fiction have grown to be quite the popular genres over the years and some of the most popular books around the world fall under these genres. If you don’t know what to write about, think about a universe similar to ours but one that is a little more magical. Magical realism is perhaps one of the most fun things to write about as the possibilities are endless and the writer can go wild with what they want the magical reality to be. Magical realism allows the creativity of the author to shine and remove the writer’s block pretty easily.

Perspective. A change of perspective often proves to be very beneficial, not only because it allows the reader to see things from a different angle but also because it allows the writer to explore their creative side from another angle. Writing a story with a unique perspective or even rewriting a story with a new perspective can oil up the creative gears and get them running again.

Different Endings. Writing a story with different endings allows the writer to imagine the different ways something can go and the various consequences of a single action. This allows them to expand their horizons while writing and lets them look at their writing from an entirely new and different perspective.

Is there an MFA and Ph.D. degree in creative writing?

Yes, many universities offer Masters in Fine arts and Ph.D. degrees in Creative writing. These universities also offer fully-funded scholarships for exceptional writers who have performed well academically in their previous educational institutes. In the United States, the University of Arizona, the University of Central Arkansas, Antioch University of Los Angeles, California College of Arts, and numerous other institutes offer Graduate degrees in Creative writing.

These graduate creative writing degrees also teach students literature and linguistics, to equip them with all the necessary tools they might need to become qualified and skilled creative writers or researchers. The Cornell College of Arts and Sciences even offers a joint MFA and Ph.D. program in Creative writing for its students. In these programs, the students are required to attend workshops and seminars in addition to their normal workload and they also apprentice underwriters and scholars.

In the end

Writing is a skill that many people are born with and it must be honed with education and efforts. But it is also something that can be learned to a certain extent, with the proper degree, effort, and experience. For students that do not possess good writing skills, many creative writing services providers provide high-quality content to the students in a timely fashion. Many of these providers are available online and are trusted and experienced sources. Additionally, being a content writer is a formal and proper job, which does not necessarily require a degree in content writing but a degree does help in the pursuit of a good job.


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