Are QR Codes Here to Stay?

QR Code

Quick and easy ways to access information or websites are quickly becoming the norm. With the emergence of the QR code, there might have never been a faster or more convenient way for customers of a business to get what they want.

QR codes can routinely be scanned in order to direct the person scanning them to websites or links, although they can also be used in other ways. So, let’s consider what QR codes are, and whether they really could be a longer-term fixture.

A growing way to access information

Over an 18-month period coinciding with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one link management service reportedly saw a 750% rise in QR code downloads. This growth has mainly come from the way people wanted faster access to information and services. It also formed after companies needed a way to reach their customers who were in lockdown or subject to restrictions.

Customers are now finding that using these codes is easier, and they want to continue using them. Companies have also found that using QR codes in such ways as a QR code ordering system helps them make the most of the functionality of these instantly recognisable barcodes.

Mobile phone technology has evolved

Because of the prevalence of QR codes, mobile phone manufacturers have started to integrate them into their software. Some manufacturers are also using them as an easier way for customers to get software and updates.

Many of the newer mobile phones now recognise QR codes automatically, saving the user time. Because more information can be held inside of the code compared to other types of barcodes, they are better for other applications outside of the usual product tracking.

Companies are coming on board 

Companies are starting to incorporate QR codes into their software and apps to help make transactions faster for their customers. In China, 85% of customers used QR code payments in 2020.

Other countries are also following this trend, with large corporations adding these codes to their apps and using them as a way of identification. This makes the identification process a lot smoother for customers and helps increase security for businesses.

The hospitality industry has also benefited from the use of QR codes. Since the onset of the pandemic, many of us have become familiar with the placement of QR codes on the tables in restaurants, bars, and pubs. The customer simply needs to scan these QR codes to be directed to an order page so that they can minimise physical contact with venue employees.

Increased marketing information

Marketing can be one of the most difficult areas of business. This is because it can be hard to see where customers are interacting with ads and if they are effective.

One way that QR codes can help is when they are added to ads or flyers that are given out to people. These codes can be used to redirect someone to a website or social media page instantly. This is more convenient for the customer, and enables more insight into the interaction.

QR codes can track the interactions of those who have scanned it, such as where they were when it was scanned, and what the person did when it was scanned. This offers marketing teams a greater level of detail and enables them to focus their ads to a greater degree than was previously possible.

Increase in personalised experiences 

Because QR codes can be unique to a person, they are able to give access to special events or features when they are used.

When there is a concert or event, people will often be sent a QR code to allow them entry to the venue. If they have paid for a premium experience, then this code will also allow them access to additional areas or special gifts.

Not only does this make it easier for the person, but it is also easier for the venue as they can simply scan the code without additional verification. This can be done manually at the entrance or using a scanning machine that opens a gate.

QR codes are versatile

As you have seen from the examples above, QR codes can be used for a multitude of things. Many apps are now capable of not only reading these codes but also creating them for unique purposes.

This means an end to long ID codes that had to be typed in or other types of verification. They are also now replacing business cards by having all the company information in a code that can be scanned and saved on someone’s phone.


With the use of QR codes increasing all the time, there is little reason to suspect that they will go away soon. They are actually a reliable way of adding information and tracking that is far more accurate and secure than previous methods.


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