A Sustainable Choice—Friendly Diamonds


Diamonds, known for their purity and radiance, have become emblems of love and devotion worldwide. No union between two individuals is complete without an engagement ring.

Considering the day and age we live in, buying an engagement ring online has become increasingly popular. But people are more conscious about their jewelry buy, considering the criticism the diamond mining industry has been receiving due to the environmental degradation and human rights concerns related to the industry.

People today prefer ethical lab grown diamonds to mined stones as they are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice and have the same luster and sparkle as mined stones. Lab grown gems are also significantly more affordable.

Based in New York, Friendly diamonds is a customer-driven online lab grown diamond jewelry brand committed to inspiring a more transparent, sustainable, and eco-friendly jewelry industry. The brand encourages positive change without sacrificing quality or ethics by combining environmentally conscious cutting-edge gem creation technology with beautiful designs at accessible prices.

All gems are lab grown, conform to the highest quality standards, and have the same shine and brilliance as natural stones. The brand’s online platform offers consumers a complete jewelry shopping experience to design jewelry using a user-friendly interface, making the purchase a memorable experience. The brand also educates its consumers and focuses on creating a customer-friendly environment to meet their jewelry needs.  


Customers have the opportunity to create their own engagement ring where they can select the desired setting, pick a diamond and choose a metal color of their liking. 360° technology available on the website allows buyers to view the complete ring design to make a fully informed decision. The jewelry brand also offers a no-hassle 30-day return policy, lifelong jewelry maintenance, and free engraving and cleaning guarantee services.

As an organization that puts its customers first by providing impeccable service and taking a stand for the environment, Friendly Diamonds is the ideal jeweler. Here is a look at exquisite pieces offered by the brand.

White Gold 14KT Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

Your search for a classic and traditional ring ends with this classic.

Although set with solitaire in a four prong, the ring can have any fancy-shaped diamond of your choice to add your very own unique twist.

Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold 14KT Valarie Euro Shank Diamond Ring

This ring’s euro shank and petite diamonds make it an eye-catching piece. A round cut gem surrounded by a cushion-shaped halo adds a sparkling effect to the design. You can pair a matching band with this one-of-a-kind ring.

Yellow Gold 14KT Intricacy Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

This three stone engagement ring is a stunning beauty with two matching round diamonds that complement the central pear-cut gem. The 14K yellow band features a prong basket and a gently rounded shank with the center stone.

White Gold Platinum Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

The twisted vine engagement ring is unique, creatively created sure to turn heads. Made of 14K white gold, the ring features a twisted band with pave set diamonds running on the metal, highlighting the diamond and the white gold ring design.  

Rose Gold 14KT Antique Allure Vintage Diamond Ring

This four-prong vintage engagement ring combines artful luxury with elegance. The stunning vintage design and 14K rose gold band gives the ring an antique and exquisite appeal.


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