A Selection of NFT Marketplaces for Collectors and Investors


By Thomas Jackson

In the recent past, the NFT ownership model has been attractive to many collectors and investors to allow them to gather loyalty and build their names. As opposed to the traditional art marketplaces, NFT has minimal barriers and it is also easier to build a name and earn some good money.

Many renowned artists are joining these marketplaces as they seek to align themselves against possible paradigm shifts. Read on to understand the best NFT marketplaces for collectors and investors. 


OpenSea is a leading marketplace for things like digital art, gaming items, collectibles, and more. It is a decentralized marketplace that is ideal for digital assets supported by blockchain such as Ethereum.

Trading in OpenSea takes place via a smart contract, so there is no central authority that holds custody of your assets. This marketplace has millions of assets on its portal and it can let allow you to transact various digital items easily.

It is a great way for finding inspirations to lead by accepting that markets, workers, and customers have gone digital. The platform is open for all and it could offer you item minting tools to develop NFTs and collections for free and without a code line. 


SuperRare is a peer-to-peer NFT platform built on Ethereum and is described as a place where “Instagram connects with Christie’s”. It onboards just a few selected artists, although you can create a profile on their website in preparation for their launch. The transactions in this marketplace are completed through the ether cryptocurrency, and the platform is powered by the Ethereum network.

Top essay writing service UK mentions that selling your piece in a primary sale entitles you to 85% of what a customer pays for the token. 

SuperRare charges a commission on the remaining amount, so you need to take care of that when pricing. Secondary sales will allow you to get a 10% royalty, which represents passive income with the expansion of the network.  


NiftyGateway is NFT’s premier marketplace that aims at making Nifties accessible to everyone. The platform teams up with top brands and artists to offer some limited edition Nifties in regular intervals.

Limited edition creative is accessible in the marketplace for a limited time. As such, upon the closure of the first collection, you will only be eligible to find Nifties from a particular collection on the platform.

According to EssayMama writing service reviews, from the NiftyGateway platform, you will find creative work from leading musicians and artists such as Grimes and Steve Aoki. To create with this platform, you will need to buy tokens to be listed under your profile. In addition to withdrawing the tokens to your wallet, you may also be able to import NFTs from other wallets into your account. 


The Veve marketplace allows for buying and selling of digital collectibles in limited editions only. It can allow you to buy, trade, upgrade or place digital collectibles in virtual showrooms and even share them on social media platforms via the Veve application. 

You can also create and personalize the showrooms of your digital collectibles and network with other collectors worldwide. Whether you are interested in gaming, pop culture, or film and TV, Veve offers collectibles from brands such as Adventure Time, Batman, Marvel, and NFLPA. It allows for the display of collectibles with pride by sharing experiences with other artists and collectibles. 


Rarible is a premier marketplace for NFT allowing creators and digital artists to trade custom assets that are part of their original work. It is a marketplace for digital assets and a decentralized network that is built on Ethereum – asset trading talks place without middlemen. 

You will need to submit your work for approval and to be listed in Rariable’s portal. It is a flexible platform that allows you to specify your royalty percentage for secondary sales. 

This marketplace offers various NFTs such as memes, virtual parcels of land, and digital artworks. With Rarible, you can platform upgrades or even participate in moderation and curation of the content. 

Your goal should be to move towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where all rights to decisions will belong to you as a platform user. Rariable uses the RARI cryptocurrency and can have the tokens managed on OpenSea. 

NFT Showroom

NFT Showroom is a leading digital marketplace built on a free and fast blockchain called Hive. The blockchain makes the creation and the collection of uncommon digital art accessible and simple.

This marketplace is open for all and welcomes all styles of art and experience levels. It is user-friendly and an affordable option for collectors and creators wishing to build their name and gain royalty.

To start creating and collecting your art on the NFT Showroom platform, you need to create a Hive Keychain and a Hive account. A pegged token facility called SWAP.HIVE lets you easily purchase and tokenize your work. 

You can create tokens either through the Limited Reproduction Rights or via Private means. The platform charges a 10% commission on every first sale of art and a 5% commission on subsequent sales. 


MakersPlace lets collectors and investors identify and collect digital creations by empowering them. Whether you are a photographer or an artist, this platform is a great option for art display because it has appropriate tools to support this initiative. 

MakersPlace, which is open for all, offers services that simplify blockchain technology and has additional benefits for creators. Every sale attracts a 15% take on the sale value while offering a 10% royalty as commission for reselling your work on the platform.  

Every creation accessible through this platform is a unique and authentic digital creation issued by the artist. With blockchain technology, you can be sure of owning limited authentic editions of your creation. 


NFTs are interesting topics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as many dealers of assets have gone digital. NFTs are used to certify the uniqueness and authenticity of digital assets while allowing creators to build royalty and earn money from their work. Choose any of the above marketplaces because they are authentic and are a great way to protect yourself. 

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