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Transforming the meeting industry: From green to sustainable



By Estoril Congress Center

The green meeting industry is rapidly growing and becoming mainstream. While more considerations have been placed on the venue’s green initiatives, The Estoril Congress Center, the leading meeting venue located at the heart of the seaside resort of Estoril and Cascais outside of Lisbon, has pushed the boundary of green meetings to the next level – a comprehensive and integrated sustainable meeting experience. Through its unique services and programs: Green Events, Wellness programs, Safe programs, CSR Programs, Carbon Zero Events, and the Estoril Green Fund Program, it is now possible to elevate the quality of events according to sustainable guidelines and corporate responsible objectives while still hosting a world-class meeting within budget.

Green Event: Certified as Green Venue by Green Globe International, the Estoril Congress Center offers the possibility of hosting green meetings without complex procedures or additional cost. A team of well-trained staffs and the easy-to-use checklists offer clear guidance and a variety of programs to ensure the meetings comply with sustainable principles. The ECC can also issue a detailed written assessment and benchmarking report on the procedures and results, along with an official certification awarded to the event.

Wellness Programs: As companies become more aware of the significant contribution of employee well-being to the long-term performance of corporations, the ECC partners with specialists in corporate wellness to provide tailored wellness programs that can easily be incorporated into the event, such as: seated massage, team-building activities, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, health check and consulting, etc.

Safe Programs: The ECC offers the possibility of on-site medical assistance, and it also partners with a qualified Safety Event Management Company to provide professional help and advice during event organization, including a complete assessment and a contingency plan in the form of a safety manual for all visitors and guests.

CSR: In the Meeting Industry, CSR translates into choosing destinations where one can contribute with actions that benefit local communities. ECC has created a list of CSR programs which can be personalized to each event. These programs can enhance the company’s positive publicity, and allow individuals to bond outside the work environment and bring the feel-good factor created by the sense of achievement back to the work place.

Carbon offsetting:
In the Meeting Industry, activities such as air travel, ground transport, exhibition supplies shipping and fossil fuel usage during events should be measured and considered in a carbon offsetting program. ECC offers the possibility of offsetting the unavoidable emissions through ECC’s financial carbon offsetting partner or through local carbon offsetting CSR projects, so that the event can proudly communicate that it is totally Carbon Zero.

The Estoril Green Fund Program:
A recent innovation that affirms ECC’s leadership in the sustainable meeting industry is the establishment of the Estoril Green Fund Program. It offers event planners a fund, which is worth up to 2% of the cost to hire the venue’s event space, to spend on ECC’s green services. The fund therefore encourages the investment and efforts in minimising environmental impacts during the event.

“ECC has subscribed to Green Globe’s program for Green Venues and has achieved Best Practice in nearly all measurements.”

When asked how ECC is seen as the leading sustainable venue in Europe, Director of ECC Pedro Rocha dos Santos answered, “ECC has taken its commitment to sustainability very seriously, by choosing to subscribe to Green Globe’s program for Green Venues and achieving Best Practice in nearly all measurements. We have been working since 2007 towards our objective in offering a Leading Green Venue with unique sustainable services and programs for our clients. By doing so, we have committed our region’s business partners, and unified the whole region to work together towards better sustainable practices, more sustainable products and services, thus extending our offer as a Sustainable Destination for Business Tourism.”

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