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Looking at the Universe as a Systemic Whole: Women in Global Leadership

March 12, 2015 • Coaching, LEADERSHIP, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

Interview with Magdealena Mook  CEO, International Coach Federation The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a rapidly growing organisation, encompassing 26,000 professional coaches globally. The European Business Review caught up with the CEO, Magdalena Mook, who has been at the helm since 2011. We talked about the future of coaching, the difficulties

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Whether They are “Born or Made,” Global Leaders Share Four Fundamental Capabilities

March 12, 2015 • Global Business, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By J. Stewart Black and Allen J. Morrison Technically, globalisation has been around for more than 500 years. Practically, it has been around for most executives and managers for less than 20 years. Global business is complex enough that it requires a long


Conflict Contagion: A Virus to Watch and Treat Early

March 12, 2015 • Corporate Governance, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By Karsten Jonsen, Karen A. Jehn, Sonja Rispens and Lindred L. Greer Conflicts are daily realities of organisational teams, and most people are aware of how they negatively impact an organisation’s performance. This article explores how managers can resolve


Challenging Stereotypes: The Women’s Executive Leadership Programme at Berkeley Executive Education

March 12, 2015 • MBAs & Executive Education, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

Interview with Laura Kray Professor of Leadership, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business UC Berkeley’s Women’s Executive Leadership Programme is unique: it was designed by women for women. The programme strikes a perfect balance between evidence-based


Women as Global Leaders: Challenges & Strategies for Getting to the Top

March 12, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

By Susan R. Madsen and Faith Wambura Ngunjiri In this article, Susan R. Madsen and Faith Wambura Ngunjiri discuss the challenges facing women in global leadership roles. Drawing on research found in their newly released book titled Women as Global Leaders,


Strategic Planning & Execution in an Uncertain World

March 12, 2015 • Global Business, MBAs & Executive Education, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

Setting business strategy used to be as simple as defining what the organization wanted to achieve and then laying out the steps to get there. Management used this plan to set priorities, allocate resources, assess operations, align employees, and satisfy


Closing the Gender Gap

March 12, 2015 • Coaching, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

A growing body of research and anecdotal evidence shows a positive correlation between gender-balanced corporate leadership and organisational performance. Despite this, a significant gap persists in the upper echelons of many leading organisations. According


The Future of Gender Equality, from School to Boardroom

January 19, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, SPECIAL FEATURES, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

Helena Morrissey Talks with Camille Merrells Helena Morrissey is the unstoppable CEO of Newton, Chair of the Investment Management Association (IMA) and founder of the 30% Club – to name but a few of her many and varied roles. Our editor Camille Merrells


Leadership as the Search for Greater Coherence

January 19, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By Nathan Harter Literature around leadership is not hard to come by, but there are few texts that examine the process of leadership from where it begins – in the leader’s mind. Below, Nathan Harter analyses how great leaders have embraced the often


Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Off in a New Role: Reflections From Top Management

January 19, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, Succession PlanningComments (0)

By Guido Stein In this article Guido Stein explores some of the initial actions that should be taken when starting out in a top management position, using the experience of the president and CEO of a prestigious global European financial services company. He