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Transitioning to General Management

November 20, 2015 • Editors' Pick, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, MBAs & Executive EducationComments (0)

By Kevin Kaiser, Michael Pich and IJ Schecter Being successful in your industry does not necessarily guarantee success in your new capacity as general manager. Whatever your background or route to the top, there are certain tools that should assist you on your journey to becoming a successful general manager.   “You are being promoted …

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Leadership Innovation: Huawei’s rotating CEO system

November 20, 2015 • Corporate Governance, Editors' Pick, Global Business, LEADERSHIPComments (0)

By David De Cremer and Tian Tao The CEO of an organisation is where the buck stops, and to whom all credit is due for success. But is this idea of the CEO as a “heroic leader” out-dated? Organisations need to implement leadership innovation to secure a

Brilliant Senior Team Work

November 20, 2015 • Corporate Governance, Editors' Pick, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By John Sutherland A large number of businesses have a gap between the espoused strategy and what actually happens day by day. So much so that it even has its own phrase in the consultancy world – “the rift between the rhetoric and the reality”. In this

Ren Zhengfei

Leading Huawei: Seven Leadership Lessons of Ren Zhengfei

September 17, 2015 • Editors' Pick, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, SPECIAL FEATURESComments (0)

By David De Cremer and Tian Tao “Every generation produces its own great character, and each exerts impact for hundreds of years.” True to this Chinese saying, Zhengfei has indeed proven that he had the influence and insights needed to design the


Standardisation and Cooperation are the Future

September 17, 2015 • Global Business, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

Interview with Jonas Berggren CEO, SSG AB According to Jeffrey Sachs, author of “The Age of Sustainable Development,” achieving sustainable development on our crowded, unequal, and degraded planet is the most important challenge facing our generation.

Senior Team Development for the Unwilling

September 17, 2015 • Editors' Pick, Leadership Development, SPECIAL FEATURES, Strategic Spotlight, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Team ManagmentComments (0)

By John Sutherland Traditional team work over-emphasises the whole team approach far more than is needed for most practical purposes. In this article, John Sutherland discusses developing effective team work for senior teams.   Clare had an issue. Senior


5 Myths about Employee Learning

September 17, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, MBAs & Executive Education, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, Talent Management, Team ManagmentComments (0)

Here are some common misperceptions about corporate education— and how to get beyond them. Under what circumstances do organizations embrace a learning culture? Often, it’s when they go through dramatic change, prompting leaders to take the time to

Coaching: The Key to Your Success

September 17, 2015 • Coaching, LEADERSHIP, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

Individuals and teams are turning to professional coaching for support in maximising their personal and professional potential. ICF Credential represents the gold standard in professional coaching certifications and offers coaching consumers a sense of


Leadership Dispatches: Business Lessons From A President Taking Charge

July 20, 2015 • Editors' Pick, LEADERSHIP, Leadership Development, SPECIAL FEATURES, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By Michael Useem, Howard Kunreuther, and Erwann Michel-Kerjan This article discusses the leadership of President Sebastián Piñera following the Chilean earthquake of 2010. The authors argue that Chile’s recovery from that disaster points to a host of


Your Seventh Sense: Beyond Mindfulness

July 20, 2015 • Emerging Ideas, INNOVATION, Leadership Development, Strategic Spotlight, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By William Duggan In this article, Willian Duggan explores the practice of Free Your Mind, a way to turn stress into strategy and to turn negative thoughts into strategic thinking. This article shows how to cultivate rational thoughts and positive energy by