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Learn or Die: Every Business Will Be In The Business of Learning

May 23, 2015 • Emerging Ideas, Global Business, INNOVATION, LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

By Edward D. Hess The velocity of business change will increase over the next decade driven by technology advances making the speed and quality of adaptive learning an organisational strategic imperative. That will require most organisations to use the science of learning to create a learning-enabling culture and to install best learning processes.  

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Leadership Development: One Size Does Not Fit All Growing Leaders in Africa and Across the World

May 22, 2015 • Global Business, LEADERSHIP, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Dr Vanessa Iwowo Despite the diversity of business and social cultures around the world, we continue to teach and take part in a “one size fits all” approach to leadership development. The author here discusses why this approach is fundamentally


Strategic Planning & Execution in an Uncertain World

May 22, 2015 • Global Business, MBAs & Executive Education, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENTComments (0)

Setting business strategy used to be as simple as defining what the organization wanted to achieve and then laying out the steps to get there. Management used this plan to set priorities, allocate resources, assess operations, align employees, and satisfy


Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Why Adaptive Non-Verbal Communication is a Key Leadership Tool

May 22, 2015 • Emerging Ideas, LEADERSHIP, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Dr Connson Locke Non-verbal communication is extremely influential in interpersonal encounters, and knowing how to leverage non-verbal signals effectively can be a key leadership tool. In this article, Dr. Locke from LSE demonstrates the falsity behind the


Creativity at Work

May 22, 2015 • Coaching, INNOVATIONComments (0)

By Adrian Furnham Creativity is not an easy topic to research and few serious scientists conduct work in the area. First, creativity is difficult to define and secondly, there are few good ways of measuring it. In this article, Adrian Furnham queries the


Coaching for the Future

May 22, 2015 • Coaching, Global Business, LEADERSHIP, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

Using the example of the Indian company J.K. Organisation, this article shows how the adoption of a coaching culture has transformed the organization, setting up each employee for success.   Founded more than a century ago, J.K. Organisation is one of


Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader

May 22, 2015 • Emerging Ideas, LEADERSHIP, Leadership DevelopmentComments (0)

By Herminia Ibarra In this excerpt from her book, Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader Herminia Ibarra discusses what she describes as the ‘Outsight’ Principle: the cycle of acting like a leader and then thinking like a leader; change from the outside


Global Female Leaders 2015: International Networking for Female Leaders in Berlin

May 22, 2015 • LEADERSHIP, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

The Global Female Leaders Summit 2015 brought together female leaders from more than 20 countries in Berlin’s prestigious Adlon Kempinski Hotel during April 20th – 22nd for discussions and exchange of knowledge and ideas. “Last year we organised the


Looking at the Universe as a Systemic Whole: Women in Global Leadership

March 12, 2015 • Coaching, LEADERSHIP, Women in LeadershipComments (0)

Interview with Magdealena Mook  CEO, International Coach Federation The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a rapidly growing organisation, encompassing 26,000 professional coaches globally. The European Business Review caught up with the CEO, Magdalena