7 Global Jurisdictions That Are Popular For Asset Protection 

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There are many global jurisdictions which are popular for asset protection. This is typically the case because they have more lenient tax laws and a greater degree of protection and security for assets. Wyoming is one of the few states that imposes no corporate income tax in 2022. This makes it a very appealing state in which to do business for tax reasons. There are however many global jurisdictions that offer more appealing taxation situations as well as other incentives and benefits for the purposes of asset protection. 

1. Switzerland 

Switzerland is an ever popular country for asset protection. Many people with a high net worth in the US trust Switzerland and its banks to protect their assets. This is the case because Switzerland offers tremendous asset protection as well as a strong commitment to privacy. In 2018 it was estimated that the Swiss banking network holds as much as $7 trillion in assets, half of which is foreign. This is largely due to the privacy which Swiss bank accounts create for their clients. Swiss bankers cannot express any information about their customers accounts without the approval of their customers. These are some of the most strict privacy laws of any nation in the world when it comes to banking. If a Swiss banker illegally divulges client information they can face six months in prison and be subject to a substantial fine. The political and economic stability of Switzerland further exemplifies why the nation is so trusted in international commerce and international asset protection. 

2. Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a solid option for asset protection. It is one of the most profitable global jurisdictions for financial services in the world. Hong Kong boasts many benefits which make it appealing for asset protection. These include: a favorable tax system, fast and reliable legal system and sturdy financial and telecommunications infrastructure. Hong Kong functions as a tax haven which is why it is so appealing to house assets there. Apart from these benefits Hong Kong offers business connections around the world and great financial services. Hong Kong is also a great place to start if you would like to develop inroads into the Chinese market. 

3. Belize 

Belize offers nearly unbeatable interest rates for foreign bankers. This is a particularly appealing aspect of holding assets in Belize. Another tremendous convenience which Belize offers is being able to bank in most of the major currencies. The country has also drawn praise for the privacy policies on its foreign bank accounts. Belize has a real interest rate of 2.3% which comes after accounting for banking security and inflation. This high real interest rate is due in part to Belize’s low inflation rate which only decreased in 2021. The strength of Belize’s ability to protect assets is partially derived from the political stability which the country enjoys. In this respect it is similar to Switzerland. An additional benefit which Belize offers is that international bank accounts are not liable for local taxes and regulations on exchange control. 

4. Germany 

Germany is one the safest countries in which to bank in the world. This tremendous level of safety is largely due to the incredible level of economic stability which Germany provides. Germany also has a very sophisticated remote banking sector which allows you to open a bank account in Germany without the need to be physically present. Depending on the bank that you choose this can be achieved from the safety and tranquility of your own home. German banks are known for giving their foreign customers who travel to or through the EU perks and rewards. Overall Germany is an excellent choice for asset protection due to the unparalleled safety and security which it provides as well as the tremendous convenience that it offers. 

5. The Cayman Islands 

The Cayman islands are notorious for being a tax haven for a good reason. No other jurisdiction can compete with the benefits which the Cayman Islands will offer your assets. When you use the Cayman Islands as a banking destination you will suffer no direct taxation. This means that you will pay no income tax, no payroll tax, no corporate tax, no capital gains tax and no property tax. In addition to these phenomenal tax benefits there is also no exchange control which means that any money coming into or out of the country will have no additional fees whatsoever. If you are looking to protect your assets from tax there is no more compelling option for you than the Cayman Islands. 

6. Singapore 

Singapore is a top destination for people with a high networth to consider storing their assets. The country’s banking sector offers many services to aid you in managing your wealth. These services include legal, tax and financial advice, investment management and estate planning. Singapore is well known for its safety and stability. This makes it an ideal location for storing assets in a safe and secure manner. 

7. Panama 

Panama is a nation which offers international bankers similar tax incentives to those offered by the Cayman Islands. The nation utilizes a territorial taxation system. Not only is Panama secure but it is also beneficial for foreigners to store their assets there. They will be safe and enjoy many privileges when it comes to taxation. 

Honorable Mention: Wyoming 

Wyoming allows for the creation of a self-settled trust. This is a trust which allows you to be the beneficiary of a trust which you establish. Wyoming is one of the few states which allows for the establishment of self-settled trusts. This is an excellent method of asset protection as it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a trust while not having to include any beneficiaries other than yourself. To find out more about self-settled trusts in Wyoming consult this website for more information. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many jurisdictions available globally which can provide you with excellent asset protection. Many of these jurisdictions include very favorable taxation structures or little to no tax whatsoever. In this way you can protect your assets while simultaneously protecting them from taxation. 


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