6 Things Employees should Always Look for in an Employer


As an employee, it is vital to know what to look for in an employer. A great match means professional success.

There is a lot of talk about interviews and how a candidate should present themselves before the interviewers consisting of possibly an HR representative, a recruiter, and the manager overseeing the team and department you will be a part of if chosen. While this is extremely necessary for anyone looking for a job and has started the lengthy and stressful process of applying to various roles and going to interviews. Learning useful tips and valuable insight can be extremely helpful for you as a candidate trying to find a great match and work for an excellent employer. 

But how can candidates tell whether a potential employer is what they are looking for and whether the company is the ideal place for them, both professionally and personally? Don’t worry; there are ways to find this. It is equally important and highly recommended to “test” the employer as well. 

This means asking the right questions to know whether they and the company they work for align with your values and goals and have your best interests in mind. Only this way can you have an idea of how the company culture is and if the work environment is right for you. You should never underestimate the importance of a work environment and making sure it is in line with your values and preferences. 

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to take advantage of the interview process so that you as well can get a first impression that accurately depicts the environment and culture of the respective workplace. To accomplish this, there are various things you should take into consideration. 

So, without further ado, here are six necessary aspects every employee should know and what they should always look for in a potential employer:

1. The culture – what is the style and approach of the company?

Every employee should prioritise the company’s culture and see whether the management style and the approach taken to lead the company are in accordance with your learning and working style. Employers value the cultural fit of a candidate a great deal, and if they are not a match, this is a dealbreaker for the company. You should use the same strategy, as it is crucial the company you work for promotes a healthy culture. Plus, it is necessary to work for a business that you are on the same level as. This ensures your commitment, given that the work environment directly influences motivation levels.

2. Your values – do they match with the company’s values?

When considering the company culture and seeing whether it aligns with your preferences, you should also check the company’s values. It is of the utmost importance to work for a business with similar values as yours. This means anything from socio-environmental actions to the company’s view of the world, what consists of a priority for them, and what is their work ethic. 

Therefore, when looking for a job, it is crucial to look at the employer’s and the company’s values. Nowadays, candidates wish only to apply and work for companies that value honesty, and integrity, have a great work ethic, acknowledge and appreciate hard work, and take the necessary steps to become sustainable. 

3. Learning opportunities – is the company a place for growth?

More and more individuals who are looking for a job, whether it is their first one or they are thinking about changing employers or careers, value a company’s career growth opportunities. This means that for a company to be taken into consideration, it is necessary to prioritise their employees’ professional growth, as this motivates them a great deal.

During your job-hunting process and when you attend interviews, you may want to ask about the learning opportunities available at the particular company. This shows whether the environment values growth and if the company values employees’ opinions and gives them the chance to achieve great things.

4. Safety – is the environment promoting health and safety?

Safety is the most important. The culture could be excellent and the job everything you have dreamed of, but if the workplace doesn’t promote health and safety, it isn’t an option to consider. Truth be told, companies that have a solid and well-established culture will also take all the necessary actions and adhere to health and safety measures.

This being said, it is still highly recommended to ask about their health and safety policies and how they take care of their staff. It is necessary to know the company you may be working for has their employees’ best interests in mind. 

If a workplace accident happens to no fault of your own, and even though the organisation adheres to health and safety regulations, you are entitled to claim compensation for personal injury. Accident at work claims in the UK can be filed by the employee when they suffer an injury due to negligence. So, it is vital to ensure the work environment promotes health and safety.

5. Stability – how will the company provide security? 

People need to have some stability and job security. During the pandemic, it was proven that uncertainty and not knowing whether you have a job or for how long you have it can influence a person’s state of mind and mental health a great deal. Change can be difficult, and if it is necessary to implement changes, these must be done gradually and by providing information and an accurate plan. 

Therefore, employees need to know they work in a stable environment. It is true that unforeseeable events can still happen, which can be very disruptive. In this case, how the company reacts to them is valuable to you. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the company’s track record.

6. Flexibility – what’s the company’s outlook on work-life balance?

In today’s world, flexible work has become more popular than ever. With work practices such as the hybrid model or a completely remote work approach, there is no denying that both employees and employers value this and see the advantage of being flexible.

If this is an important aspect for you, it is crucial to see the company’s outlook on work and life balance and ask about how flexible the work environment is. When looking for a job, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the company you wish to work for matches your values, goals and style.


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