6 of the Best Crypto trading Apps in 2020

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and several profitable income-generating methods has attracted lots of people into trading. This has led to an increase in trading websites, bots, and exchanges. The market is saturated and it’s never been so essential for traders to be careful when choosing a given service.  Following is a listicle of the top 5 best crypto app trading in 2020. 

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution was founded in 2017 after several crypto brokers decided to provide faster trading signals compared to other platforms. The trading robot has a winning accuracy of 90% and requires users to have no skills or experience while trading. 

This platform is legit and has been licensed to conduct trading activities across 150 countries. Additionally, the platform has a portfolio of licensed and established brokers. 

Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin UP is a software solution that automated trading activities using an AI-based algorithm. The application has a unique and elegant user interface. 

This sets it apart for novice traders who are looking for an easy to use trading bot. The application requires a user to customize a set of predefined rules along which it will execute profitable signals. 

Bitcoin Up spots low asset prices executes a buy order when these prices are low and executes sell orders when the prices are high. Therefore making a profit for the user. 

Do you want to start trading on this platform, Download the Bitcoin UP app and get rolling? 

Bitcoin Loophole

This application uses AI to analyze and predict crypto market patterns. The user will benefit from highly accurate buy/sell orders that will eventually generate profits for them. You require no technical experience to use the platform. 

Furthermore, the application has a demo feature that allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the platform. Once they are comfortable with all trading features, they can switch to live trading sessions and start making profits. 

Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a trading software solution that analyses trends across crypto markets and makes profitable trading signals. The application is specially designed to execute buy orders when the buying price is low and execute sell orders when the selling price is high. This takes advantage of the market volatility of cryptocurrencies to enable traders make profit.

We found out the average trader will earn a minimum of $1000 with an initial deposit of $250. These profits are infinite since profitability depends on market volatility. The crypto market is always volatile, however, the $1000 is not a definite standard, since these markets are quite unpredictable. But  a trader is likely to earn approximately more or less a figure around $1000. 


BitQT is an automated trading platform that makes it simple for users to trade bitcoin online. 

Besides Bitcoin, the platform also supports other altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. This platform generates profitable crypto trading signals by executing buy/sell orders depending on prevailing market trends.  

The success rate while trading on BitQT is 95%. Furthermore, the application implements machine learning and neural-linguistic programming to identify the best deals. 

This helps the system to initiate buy orders when the selling price is low and execute sell orders when the price is high. Interestingly, the platform takes advantage of past performance and prior results to make the right decisions.

Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is an AI-based trading software that tracks market signals and generates profitable trading deals. The platform pairs crypto with leading internal currencies such as the CHF, NZD, EUR, USD, and CAD. The platforms support Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, and Dash. 

The application is available across 150 countries. While the language automatically translates depending on the geography, the features are similar. 

We found out some bitcoin traders were making as much as $5000 in daily profit from the application.  However, we discovered the average trader will make at least $800 in daily profit. 


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