6 Cybersecurity Trends from 2020 – And What the Future Holds

Do you know where your official or consumer data is? This is a question most cybersecurity professionals have to deal with these days. Unfortunately, the story does not stop here, as the internet is evolving at a rapid pace. Likewise, cyber goons have ample opportunities to hack sensitive business data, including customer whereabouts as and when needed.  

Taking the importance of cybersecurity into account, companies alongside security professionals must keep an eye on these 6 below-mentioned cybersecurity trends from 2020 that will keep playing a crucial role in the new year 2021. These trends include:

Enhanced Cybersecurity solution will be in demand

As we all know, 2021 is just around the corner. Therefore, companies or organizations will need to invest in different cybersecurity solutions according to their official requirements. As a result, they can combat various cybersecurity issues proactively without losing their crucial customer data. 

The need for such cybersecurity solutions has increased to new heights during 2020. Different organizations, including private or government owned, have experienced cyber threats on a massive scale. 

For instance, the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) official website was attacked by hackers. Consequently, the sharing trading process was discontinued for four (4) consecutive days. Furthermore, the federal government promptly reacted and ordered its spy agency to investigate the matter. 

The spy agency also improved the existing enterprise security system of NZX (New Zealand Stock Exchange) considerably to protect the public limited company from cyber risks. Considering the severity of the issue, companies operating within the Kiwi territory should consider opting for various online security tools like VPNs, antivirus software, encryption tools, managed detection services, PKI services, etc. 

However, they should not undermine the importance of VPN at any cost since it allows them to safeguard their corporate networks from the vicious eyes of cyber terrorists appropriately. In this situation, they should rely on best VPN NZ to keep their online presence secure and untraceable. 

Cloud solution is a must

Cloud solution has become the need of the hour. This is because organizations can improve their performance in terms of operational cost and accuracy. When they use cloud storage services, they can easily manage their IT infrastructure as per their needs. 

Moreover, they can reduce their IT expenses to certain extent without compromising on their cybersecurity.

Agility is a key for the survival

Companies need to keep an eye on cyber threats in a proactive manner. Otherwise, they may find themselves in hot waters. In short, traditional approaches to cybersecurity will not make a huge difference.

Therefore, organizations must deploy agile teams within their workplaces. The first and foremost objective of these teams should be about understanding the core cyber problems in detail. Apart from this, they should take complete responsibility for the protection of their corporate networks.

Furthermore, professionals working in such teams must work faster and smart enough to mitigate cybersecurity risks accordingly.   

Professionals needed in the field of cybersecurity

Surprisingly, the cybersecurity field is facing a huge problem in the shape of unavailability of experienced resources worldwide. It is expected that organizations will need 3.5 million professionals in the field of cybersecurity by the end of 2021  

Phishing attacks will keep rising

As expected phishing attacks will continue to rise in the year 2021. Hackers can send potentially harmful emails to the targeted users. If they click on the links provided in the emails by mistake, they can compromise their data.  

Besides, they can ask for a ransom from their targeted victims. Hence, companies should ask their employees to take precautionary measures using encryption tools like GNU Privacy Guard. That said, organizations should not take phishing attacks lightly because they can seriously harm their online presence a great deal.   

5G Cybersecurity issues will remain a concern

5G (Fifth Generation) will surely become a game changer in 2021. However, it will also create a multitude of cyber risks for organizations those who will be adopting it to enhance their productivity overall.    

Fileless malware threats will also increase

Fileless malware threats will continue to increase and they will influence different fields such as financial institutions, health care, e-commerce, etc. significantly.  For example, if you are working in the domain of global financial settlements, you have to consider using a transparent system that lets you perform online transactions through cryptographic systems securely. 

Future Scenario

There is no denying cybersecurity threats will affect the progress of organizations or companies worldwide in 2021. However, companies can still safeguard their crucial data from the prying eyes of hackers, doxers, scammers, internet stalkers, and other cybercriminals. 

To cut the long story short, the success of different companies or organizations lies in their own hands provided they follow all the required cybersecurity do’s and don’ts appropriately. Cybersecurity do’s and don’ts aside, companies invest in cybersecurity in the form of employees cybersecurity training, recruitment of cybersecurity professionals, installation of various protection tools like firewalls, encryption software, VPNs, antivirus software, etc.  


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