6 Biggest Webinar Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Webinars are a great way to introduce your business, generate leads, and earn more income.

But for them to be effective, you’ll need to make extensive preparations and create a compelling presentation.

In addition, you have to avoid the biggest webinar mistakes that could ruin your event.

It can be stressful to host an event soon but not know how to achieve webinar success.

So before you do, take a look at these common webinar mistakes to avoid them and achieve your business goals.

1.  Choosing the Wrong Webinar Type and Platform

All types of webinars can help achieve different brand goals. However, not using the appropriate type for your goal will not give you a successful webinar. Besides that, if you choose the wrong live webinar, you can face difficulties in hosting your event.

Webinar Tip: Pick the appropriate webinar and platform for your goal.

Determine your goals and choose the most effective webinar type to help you achieve them. If your goals require an interactive webinar, you can go for a live to directly communicate with your attendees. On the other hand, if you don’t need to make your webinar interactive, you can choose pre-recorded ones. Just make sure that you use the best platform for your webinar content.

2.  Creating a Low-Quality Webinar Presentation

Showing a low-quality presentation is one of the reasons hosts lose audience engagement. When that happens, attendees tend to leave the webinar early, and you won’t be able to execute your goals.

Webinar Tip: Give your webinar audience a high-quality presentation.

Whether you are hosting an automated webinar or planning to go live, you have to give your attendees excellent quality oral and visual content. Preparations have to be done well. You should double-check if your pre-recorded video has no issues if you are going for an automated type. If you host a live webinar, you have to test your equipment and ensure a stable internet connection before starting.

3.  Scheduling Webinar at the Wrong Time

Another pitfall that you have to avoid to make your webinar successful is scheduling it at the wrong time. When you invite people to join your webinar, but it’s not a convenient time for them, they are less likely to register and attend. Without enough attendees, you won’t get a great amount of webinar conversion.

Webinar Tip: Adjust to the time zone of your target audience.

Choose the best day and time to host your webinar, especially if you will present live. You have to know your target market and their time zone. Adjust to what you think will be the most convenient day and time for them if you can.

4.  Focusing on Sales Pitch

Most companies use webinars to get more leads and boost sales. However, when your presentation is mostly about trying to get sales, your attendees tend to lose interest. Instead of generating more income for your business, you might end up losing your prospective customers.

Webinar Tip: Get sales but don’t forget to make your webinar informative.

People don’t usually spend their free time listening to sales talks. So, instead of focusing on the sales pitch, make your attendees’ free time useful and give them an informative presentation. Show them how valuable your webinar is and do the sales talk at the end of your event and when you follow up.

5.  Not Promoting Well

Not promoting upcoming events is another crucial mistake that some businesses make. All your efforts making the perfect webinar won’t pay off if not enough people will be there to attend and appreciate it.

Webinar Promotion Tip:

The more registrants you get, the higher the attendee-to-customer conversion you can achieve. So, give enough time to make preparations for your webinar and promote it. Ideally, webinars should start to get promoted four weeks before the scheduled date. You can write a blog article about your webinar or use social media to let your other people know about your upcoming event.

6.  Final Webinar Mistake: Giving Webinar Attendees a Bad Experience

The five webinar pitfalls discussed above can all create a negative impact on a business. But giving your attendees a bad experience is one of the most crucial things you must avoid. When the audience’s experiences aren’t good, the brand is less likely to gain trust from the attendees, nor more sales.

Webinar Promotion Tip:

Besides creating the best webinar content and promoting it well, you also have to ensure that make your target market won’t get stressed with your event. The registration landing page has to be easy to navigate, you should present on time, and the entire webinar event should be as convenient as it can be to your attendees.

Host Your Webinar with Confidence

Hosting a webinar can make some people nervous, especially if it’s their first time. But despite not having the experience, learning some tips will allow you to host your webinar confidently. Therefore, consider the discussed webinar pitfalls and tips, and try to avoid them to ensure a successful webinar presentation.


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