5 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram


Instagram has now become one of the world’s most popular social networking applications. There are now more than a billion active users each month, including common people, content writers, bloggers, marketers, and business owners. Compared to other social media platforms, it can help you reach a variety of audiences. To strengthen your bottom line and grow your business, you can make the most of this resource. 

It is important to create informative content and gain enough engagement if you want to buy more Instagram followers that are loyal to your brand and increase your niche impact. The majority of Instagram users follow one or more businesses, and more than two-thirds have bought something they saw on the platform. Instagram has proven to be a powerful sales tool for businesses wanting to increase visibility and reach due to its popularity and ease of use. Instagram offers businesses the option to display advertisements and sponsored posts, however, businesses can already start utilizing the platform for free, gaining significant exposure without spending any money. Marketing on Instagram can be easy based on an effective strategy. Therefore, here are 5 tips to help you increase your sales on Instagram efficiently.   

1. Post Creative content 

In Digital Marketing, content generation is arguably the most crucial factor. You must always provide fresh, unique, and informative content. You cannot broadcast the name of your brand without a good piece of content. In order to get your audience’s attention and gain more Instagram followers, you should incorporate logic and emotion, both into your content. The key to reaching such influential content affecting your audience’s mind is creativity. 

Thanks to Instagram being a fully visual platform, you should just worry about multimedia content. Multi-media indeed has an effect that goes beyond text alone, and the only thing you need to focus on is creating quality and creative graphics. Make sure your followers are engaged with you by using creative captions, hashtags, comments, replies, etc. Take polls to find out what your followers think about your content. Lack of creativity can result in a dramatic drop in your followers. 

2. Use Hashtags and Advertising 

In order to gain Instagram followers and boost sales, you need to grab the attention of your followers. With Instagram feeds switching so quickly, it is simple to lose your content among the crowd. You can boost your sales by learning how to use hashtags to extend your discoverability. Their purpose is to bring people together. Do not go overboard, though. Utilizing a creative combination of hashtags will help your target consumers find you more easily. Use hashtags that correspond to your niche and choose branded hashtags as well. 

Using Instagram ads to promote your products is the next step in developing your Instagram content strategy. Even though you can increase engagement on Instagram solely with your creativity, it helps if you buy followers or likes. You will see a return on your investment, especially if you are a relatively new business or brand. Make sure you do not divert users away from your key objective by complicating your message.  

3. Scheduled posting 

Posting limitlessly and without any schedule is one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make on Instagram. You are likely to lose followers if they see your advertisements on their news feed whenever they use the application. In order to maintain your presence on their page, you should adopt an efficient approach. You need to find peak days of the week as well as peak hours of the day when your target audience is online. 

Formulating such a plan is not easy, especially for global companies. However, depending on your geographical location, you can start posting on the first and last working day of each week. Moreover, the first and the last hours of most working days are the most likely times for people to connect. This will allow you to track the reaction and adjust your Instagram posting schedule accordingly in order to increase engagement.   

4. Master Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase your company’s online presence. Instagram influencers receive recommendations and advice from their followers, so brands always look for influencers who are able to market their products. Provide the influencers you choose, with content that will sell your product without making it seem like they are trying to sell anything. The promotion of your product should be subtle. 

Make sure that the influencer you choose to promote your product has an image that aligns with your brand. It is also important to provide the influencers with an exclusive code for discounts which they can put in their captions or descriptions in order to gain Instagram followers and boost your sales. You will benefit greatly from this when you try to make a sale. 

5. Post Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories is another free tool you can use to gain Instagram followers and get people to buy your products and services. The content that can be made via Stories includes photos, short videos, rewind videos, live videos, and Boomerangs. 

The Instagram Stories feature is like a slideshow and users can only watch them for 24 hours before they expire. However, you can save and repost them as often as you like. In the story, the photos, and videos you added will be shown in a sequence that you add them in. Instagram also lets you save your stories for as long as you like using the ‘Highlights’ feature. It is also important to tag other accounts in Stories for both personal and business purposes. This would be a principal factor in the collaboration between you and other brands.  


Social media is a place where things are constantly changing, getting better and more challenging with each update which is why it is not an easy task to become a successful marketer of digital content. Make sure you study the subject deeply and put in the effort to become a successful marketer. All of these techniques should be used accurately and thoroughly with a comprehensive plan. The changing attitudes and trends should be carefully monitored. The ability to out-compete your rivals requires you to be prepared before changes occur. 

It will take some practice to figure out which Instagram selling strategies work for your organization and lead to an increased engagement. It will not take long for you to grasp this concept. You should always keep in mind that Instagram’s social nature is good for intangible aspects like buyer loyalty, brand equity, and lifetime user value. When building your Instagram store, keep the following mantra in mind and you are good to go: ‘The combination of enjoyable content plus trust and ease of purchase equals sales.’ 


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