5 Things Recruiters Look At Before Hiring

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In each company, the process of hiring a candidate varies, and it is not easy to provide an exact guideline about rocking each stage of the process. If you want to get accepted into an already developed company, be ready to face challenges, as their recruiting stages are more complicated than that of a small business. There are vital factors every professional talent acquisition specialist looks at before offering a job. We are willing to help you get familiar with five of those in this article.

#1. Professional Resume and Cover Letter

The first thing that every recruiter does while looking for a candidate is to check the resume and cover letter. The recruiter will review all of the information on the resume, including work experience, education, language, soft skills, and professional history. It is worth mentioning that recruiters are not looking for a perfect applicant; they are looking for someone who can meet the company’s needs. This is when many recruiters decide whether or not to move forward with interviewing the candidate, and most of the candidates get resume rejection and are not being invited to an interview stage.

The candidates have an opportunity to give more detail about themselves and why they are qualified for the position by attaching a cover letter with a resume. The recruiter will also look at this document to see if any red flags would disqualify them from being interviewed further.

#2. Previous Job Experience

Recruiters are not just looking at the skills and qualifications of a candidate; they want to know what skills the applicant has and how they can use that skill set in their company. They also look at previous work experience. This is because they want to make sure that the candidate is a good fit for the company and will be able to perform well in the role. They will also want to know if the applicant has a good work ethic, is a team player, and if they have any experience with the company’s industry. The more relevant experience you have, the more likely you are to get hired by a company, as it shows that you have what it takes to do well in a new position.

#3. Recommendation Letters

When recruiting, employers often look at recommendation letters. This is because they are a good indicator of an applicant’s personality and work ethic. Recommendation letters are also good for assessing the candidate’s ability to work well with others. They can provide insights into how the individual will fit into the company’s culture and values. Usually, these letters are written by the previous employers or HR specialists and describe your role in that organization and the overall description of you and your approach to work. It is also the second-best way to determine if the candidate has any red flags that can stop them from getting hired.

#4. Interview Results

If the talent acquisition specialist has invited you to an interview, congratulations, you have successfully passed the points mentioned above, and they are interested in getting to know you. However, you should be attentive at this stage, as this is your unique chance to show your confidence, good communication skills, and soft skills. Every interview is a chance for the recruiter to assess the candidate’s suitability. They use a variety of factors to assess the skills and abilities of potential employees. The most important aspect that recruiters look for is verbal communication skills. They also look for how well the person can answer interview questions, how well they can work with others and think on their feet. The interview is the most efficient way to see if an applicant has these abilities or not. Before going to an interview, prepare your answers for the most common questions to not look unprofessional.

#5. Post Interview Task

The final stage of recruiting in most companies is a job interview assignment, as they reflect the candidate’s skills. You will be given an assignment directly connected to your job tasks, and the results will be considered evidence of your skills. They want to know if the person they are hiring will do a good job. This is why you must submit your best work and complete tasks in the most efficient way possible. Your chances to get a job will be higher and it will put you ahead of other candidates.


The job market is getting more competitive year by year, and finding a relevant job has already become a complicated task. In order to stand out from the competition and get your desired position, follow the earlier points and make the recruiting process smoother.


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