5 Strategy Tips for Ambitious FPS Players

FPS Players

There is a lot to learn when your first play a First-person shooter (FPS) game, and even veteran gamers have a lot to learn when playing a new title in the genre. With that in mind, there are several areas to master that will make any FPS game easier to play; we discuss these below.

Learn The Map

Your chances of winning an FPS match, especially if you’re playing online, are extremely slim if you don’t know the map beforehand. The majority of games will have blueprints of the map available, either in the game or online somewhere. Spend some time analyzing the landscape and note down any vantage points and regular respawn locations. Knowing the map inside out will increase your chances of winning.

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Blind Spot Volume

No matter how much you learn the map, there will always be blind spots, whether that be doors, windows, or corners. When you come up to a blind spot, ramp up the volume on your headset and listen for footprints. If you hear any movement, aim down the barrel and have the corner covered; obliterate the corner as soon as you see movement. However, don’t take too long eying a corner because you might get killed from behind.

Get to Know a Gun

There are so many guns in FPS games because everyone has a different preference. When you play a new game title, spend some time getting to know different loadouts to find which one works for you. Typically, if you get on well with the sniper rifle in one game, you’ll favor it in another. However, you should make sure your chosen landscape is suitable for the map – there’s no point in having a sniper rifle on a small, enclosed map.

When to Frag

Frag grenades are useful for blasting your enemies into the abyss, but you need to use them sensibly because your numbers are typically limited. When you throw a frag grenade, make sure your team is behind you because you don’t want to be dealing with friendly fire. The best place to aim a frag grenade is into a room with little room for escaping – try and find your enemies huddled together.

Practice Caution

First and foremost, you’re playing a game and it needs to be enjoyed. However, you should practice caution when scoping out a new map. This means using cover to your advantage and making the most of the crouch functionality. When checking out a new map, you should always be prepared for a gunfight. If you move too fast and obvious, you will give your position away and end up taking an avoidable hit.

FPS games are fantastic, but there’s a monumental learning curve to be aware of. To improve your game, you need to learn the map, turn up the volume for blind spots, and learn how to optimize your frag grenades.


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