5 Easy to Use SEO Practices


Are you struggling to push your website high on the Google search engine? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, I’ll be going over 5 of the best SEO practices used by leading experts like SEO Sydney.

Put your keyword in the meta title

After a lot of testing and research, I’ve found that the most important on page optimisation element is having your keyword in the meta title. 

It’s a simple yet incredibly important thing to do with all your pages you intend to rank on Google

Keep your image sizes small

One of the biggest and easiest ways your website will slow down is having large images. The more images you add to your page, the larger the page, the larger the page, the more time it takes to load.

Before uploading an image to your website, compress it with a free tool. Then upload it to your website, if you’re on WordPress you can use the Smush plugin to compress the image.

This way the image has been compressed twice. Another way you can keep your image sizes small is by not using super high resolution images like 4K. The 1080p resolution is more than enough to make images look good.

Align your content with search intent

Type the keyword you want to rank for in Google and see what types of pages appear. Are they product pages? Category pages? Blog posts? 

What’s being talked about on the page? What points are being made? What queries are being answered?

These are all questions that must be answered. If you can’t create the best piece of content for that topic, there’s no point attempting to rank for it.

Create keyword clusters

Keyword clustering is creating pages on a similar topic and internally linking them. For example…

  • Best weight gainer for skinny guys
  • How to gain weight as a hard gainer
  • Best bulking meals for skinny guys

The topic for the above 3 is skinny guys gaining weight. By targeting keywords around this topic, they rank higher because topical relevance is being created. This website would have leverage over others as it’s got more content around a particular topic than other sites.

These pages should then be linked to each other, further increasing the topical relevance and helping with indexing.

Update old content

As time goes on content can become outdated as it may be seasonal, competitors have created better content than you or the search intent has changed.

One easy and strategic way to update old content is using Google Search Console. You can click on ‘pages’ then click on the page you want to update, then click on ‘Queries’ and at this point you’ll be able to see what keywords that pages shows up for.

You can sprinkle in these keywords and create new sections using them.


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