4 Recruitment Trends We’re Expecting to Catch On in 2022

recruitment trend

One of the most important things a business needs to be successful is top talent. Many businesses have made a habit of finding and poaching top talent from their competitors. Setting yourself above the competition in the world of recruiting will not be easy. Every year, small businesses in the United States hire millions of new employees.

If you want to take your recruiting efforts to the next level, you have to realize the importance of modern technology. Educating yourself about modern recruiting tools and trends can help you in your pursuit of the best talent in your industry. Read below to find out more about common recruitment trends that are sure to catch on in 2022.

1. The Use of CV Metrics

When posting a listing for a job opening, most companies will receive tons of resumes. Most business owners have started to use specially designed software to narrow down the selection of applicants. This software looks for certain keywords, qualifications, and experience in each resume a company receives. Once these programs scan all of the resumes, they will present a business owner or hiring manager with a list of applicants that meet their criteria.

Most tech-savvy applicants are well aware of this technology and are now using certain CV metrics to stand out to potential employees. When adding metrics like past revenue growth, departmental profits, and project costs, an applicant can showcase their ability to manage certain tasks. Using a CV metrics tool can help hiring managers find the most qualified applicants in a hurry.

2. Virtual Recruiting is Gaining Popularity

Some of the biggest hiring mistakes are made due to a lack of options. If a business owner is only looking to hire people in their local area, they might miss out on some great talent. During the pandemic, business owners were forced to embrace remote workers. Most of the businesses that used remote workers during the pandemic are still using them today.

This has led to a rise in the number of companies investing in virtual recruiting. This recruiting process usually involves using online career forums and social media to find qualified remote workers. By using virtual recruiting, business owners are able to take advantage of a larger pool of talent.

3. Many Companies Are Using Referral Programs


The job market in the United States is absolutely red hot at the moment. The thriving job market has led to many people seeking out more challenging and lucrative career options. If you want to make finding great talent easier, it might be time to institute a referral program.

These programs reward existing employees for recommending a friend or family member for employment. If you want your employees to take notice of your new referral program, you need to offer them perks that they actually want. These perks should include cash bonuses or paid time off.

4. Social Media As a Recruitment Tool

When trying to find the best talent, you need to think about where your target employee spends time online. An overwhelming number of businesses are now advertising job openings on popular social media platforms. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to attract a younger demographic. You need to realize that making a post about these openings on a daily basis is the best way to ensure your target demographic sees them.

By using the trends detailed in this article, you should have no problem filling your current job openings. Embracing modern recruitment trends is also a good way to get job seekers to take notice of your business. Make sure you train your recruiters to keep up with the new demands of the recruitment industry.


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