3 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Provide the Best Accommodation for Your Business Trip

If your job requires you to occasionally travel away from home to do business, then it is crucial that you find the right accommodation to stay in during your trip. While you may be someone who enjoys being able to get out of the office and explore the world while at work, you may also be a home bird who enjoys their own home comforts. Either way, a business trip does not have to be a trip that you dread, and by making informed choices when it comes to your accommodation you can have a productive and enjoyable time away.

Therefore, we have put together all the information you need to know about the serviced apartments, as they are an obvious choice when it comes to business trip accommodation.


Central Locations All Over the World

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are travelling to, Dream Apartments has central locations that are perfect for your trip. If you are away on business and meeting potential clients, then it is likely important that you are centrally located and being far away from the city centre may add a lot of travel time onto your journey.

From Dubai to Belfast, Dream Apartments has the perfected serviced apartments ready and waiting for you. You may want to take some time to clarify the areas in which you will be doing business during your trip before you go ahead with booking your accommodation.


Flexible Stays

While some business trips can only last for a couple of days, some long-term relationships with clients and other businesses could result in you needing to stay away from home for a longer period of time. Serviced apartments are flexible with the duration of the stays they can provide you with, so you can enjoy an extended stay with them. This could even save you or your company money as extended rates can often work out cheaper if you plan to stay for more than 21 days.


Home Comfort While You Are Away

While staying in a hotel can be fun for the first few nights, hotel rooms don’t provide you with the comfort that you can enjoy in a serviced apartment. From hard beds to a lack of living space, hotel rooms can be very restrictive on what you can do. However, with a luxury serviced apartment, you can enjoy both the living space you need to relax after a hard day at work, and with a kitchen area, it means you can make your own food.

Dream apartments offer you the opportunity to enjoy the comforts from home, the amenities of a hotel, but with the privacy of a serviced apartment.

Many people feel anxious about business trips and start to dread their time away from home stuck inside a hotel room. However, by booking a Dream apartment you can experience both a successful and positive work trip, while enjoying your time away.


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