2021 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends That are Dominating the Industry

Sustainable Home

Many of us can’t wait to welcome 2022, but if you’re just planning your yearly renovation projects, you still need to be informed about all the trends that exist in 2021. No matter how big or small your project is, knowing about the current trends will definitely help you create a beautiful, comfortable and most of all, eco-friendly space that will benefit all of us.

Repurposed items

The pandemic encouraged all of us to look at interior design from a new perspective. Today, more of us are focusing on using repurposed and reused furniture, décor and other items—this sustainable trend is here to stay as long as we keep having a huge environmental issue. If you need to buy new items, invest in high-quality pieces that will last for years or hit up your local thrift stores. Finding vintage and unique items that are also very affordable is one of the many joys of decorating.

Energy efficiency

2021 is all about the reduction of resource waste, so energy-efficient appliances are a must for any new house. They might cost a little more upfront, but they come with lower utility costs and will pay off shortly after you buy them. Long story short, energy-efficient appliances are better for the environment, sustainability and you.

Natural materials

Nature today is involved in decorating walls, floors and ceilings. Decorating with sustainable natural materials is better for the environment, but especially beneficial for humans living in these spaces since these produce fewer toxic gases and allow the eye to rest and relax. When choosing materials for your renovation, look for the word “eco”. Today, it’s possible to find 3D panels made with natural wood, stone for counters with polished surfaces, porcelain stoneware, glass used for furniture and décor, natural-colored metals and many different plant materials. Today, in some eco-friendly countries like New Zealand, even rugs are made with plant materials. When looking into natural rugs in NZ, you’ll find models made with sisal, wool, jute or hemp. These rugs are a non-allergenic solution that will benefit your health and the environment around you.

Be exceptionally wary of wallpaper, since most of these wall-coverings are made with vinyl which is not environmentally safe. If you want to decorate with wallpaper, try to find real paper.


Many of us are longing for a deep connection with Mother Nature, so we reached for the next available thing—indoor plants. More and more people are turning to gardening and growing a jungle in their homes, especially those affected by the pandemic. There are different ways to incorporate plants into a sustainable interior. The easy way to decorate with plants is to use planters or freshly cut flowers, but vertical gardens, moss compositions and dried plants are also great solutions.

Light for your plants

Lighting is very important for an eco-friendly interior style. It’s important to achieve the balance between natural and artificial light, but also achieve ideal circumstances for growing vegetation inside. If you want to provide your plants with optimal conditions for growth, it’s important to invest in phyto lamps. Once upon a time, these lights only focused on the functional aspect of design, but today, they come in unusual designs that can become harmonious details in your home’s aesthetics.

Relevant technologies

Modern technology at home is mostly aimed at saving resources, which goes hand in hand with eco-design. You can invest in systems that save energy and minimize water and heat loss in both residential and commercial buildings. It’s also possible to use them for recycling household water.

Achieving eco-friendly design is impossible without eco-friendly tech. Things like solar systems, heat recovery systems and condensing boilers, as well as biogas fuel and heat pumps, wind turbines and solar panels are not science fiction anymore—they are more popular in 2021 than ever before, and more affordable as well. Large-format air-conditioning windows that allow the highest possible light transmission while achieving high heat-saving are just one of the novelties we can enjoy this year and in the future. Other innovations are glass folding systems for the entrance and cold ceiling systems which are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and capable of maintaining an optimal indoor climate.

Every renovation that focuses on eco-friendliness will be a complete success in 2021. And these aforementioned tips will be more than relevant in the upcoming years as well.


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