10 Simple and Economical Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Ecofriendly bathroom

By Erika Rhein

Opting to make your bathroom an eco-friendly one gets you rewards. On one side, you’ll get an aesthetically appealing room, and on the other side, you’ll get an opportunity to stay close to the environment. But, making your bathroom environmentally friendly shouldn’t cost you money and time. It is a cost-effective and minimal effort process.

No doubt, you must have gone through tried and tested ways or may have incorporated must-have bathroom accessories but couldn’t get the desired results. So, without any ado, let’s get directly to the ten simple and affordable ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly.

1. Get your bathroom soft water

Relatively to soft water, hard water indeed can harm your skin, making it dry and lifeless. Also, the hard water can even clog up your pores, due to the magnesium and calcium minerals of hard water. You definitely do not wish to get your skin acne and blemishes. Installing a water softener installation without adding any chemicals will be the most eco-friendly option for your bathroom.

2. Switch To Natural Toiletries

 Strangely, we apply a lot of chemicals to our skin. Besides harming our bodies, such products also cause deadly damage to the environment. They develop the need for imprudent packaging, incorporate debatable ingredients and often test on animals. We’ve got a great solution! Make use of biodegradable and natural toiletries. However, if you’re a DIY expert, then make use of your skills.

3. Upgrade Your Fixtures

I’m sure you must be having lovely, updated fixtures installed in your bathroom. However, water is a scarce resource, and saving it should be on our top priority list. Well, efficient toilets, showerheads and faucets are on the market; they can make a huge difference in saving water. Muchneeded.com has gathered recommendations about recent innovative solutions that can help you to both save water and feel refreshed. Besides this purchase, there are simple ways with which you can save water. For instance, you can switch off the tap while brushing and use the shower only when needed.

4. Use Recycled Items

Most of us have already shifted to recycled items for décor purposes. For instance, you may have used bottles for plantings. Similarly, you can recycle items in your bathroom too. You can put the shampoo bottles, cardboard boxes and glass containers into the recycling bin and get rid of the household waste. Remember, if you can do it in your other rooms, then why not bathrooms. It’s one of the best ways to make an eco-friendly bathroom.

5. Sustainable Toilet Paper Is a New Love

Whenever you go to a supermarket, you must have mostly seen toilet paper wrapped in plastic? Well, you may think that doesn’t make a difference. But always remember, even a tiny step or change can make a huge difference. So, next time when you purchase toilet paper, make sure you buy them in bulk that comes in a cardboard box.

6. Say ‘Hi’ To LED Bulbs

Among all rooms, bathrooms, in particular, use a lot of lightbulbs. If you’ve got a large bathroom, then you may have one in the shower area, one in the toilet and another above the mirror. Instead of using compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), switch to LED. They save you from paying high utility bills, as well, save the planet. You can even cut down on the usage of hairdryers, straighteners and similar appliances to conserve energy and money.

7. Be Careful About Heating Water

Let’s go to the statistics first: On average, a household consumes around 330 litres of water per day. Heating water for bathing and washing clothes accounts for 15% of expenses on gas. Therefore, you should be mindful of your existing heating water. If you own a boiler, then upgrade it with modern alternatives. Similarly, pick an energy-efficient thermostat that’ll save money as well as the environment.

8. Wash Your Clothes on The Spot

Have you ever felt your clothes just need a spot wash, but still you threw it into the washing machine? You can save on your energy by washing your clothes instantly with a stain remover. And later scrub the dirty mark and hang them for drying. You can generally wash your night clothes as it collects less dirt. However, you can still clean them. But if you’ve spilt something on the top that you’ve put on, then spot wash it. This will save water.

9. Ditch The Plastic Razors

This may be a simple yet effective way to avoid sending plastics to the landfill. A disposable plastic razor may seem to be a cost-effective solution for your daily routine, but it damages the environment to a great extent. Metal razors, on the other hand, may seem to be an expensive investment in the beginning. But their stability will pay off in the long run. The only thing you need to do is be extra cautious while doing a close shave.

10. Always Clean Green

Besides using natural skin products, you should also get greener cleaning products. As mentioned earlier, pick recyclable bottles wherever possible. As well, you can stop using chemical products and instead choose home remedies for bathroom cleaning. For example, vinegar and lemon are powerful kitchen ingredients to remove grime and mildew using a good scrub. Additionally, you can check out some more tips for keeping your bathroom clean.

11. Remove the shower curtain

Frankly speaking, vinyl shower curtains are the enemies of the planet for two major reasons. First, they aren’t recyclable, and second, they give off dangerous fumes when burned. Additionally, it also throws chemical threats to human’s health. All in all, it’s a toxic addition to your bathroom. So, remove them and install glass for the partition. They are long-lasting and eco-friendly.

These were some ways to turn your bathroom into a sustainable and eco-friendly model. Besides this, you can also place some green plants to get the green vibes. They would add an aesthetic appeal to your room, as well as make it greener.

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