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Boards That Lead

By Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, and Michael Useem
Governing boards of large companies are moving from monitoring of management on behalf of shareholders to also leading with management to generate shareholder value. Below, Ram Charan, Dennis Carey and Michael Useem discuss how directors are taking charge of CEO succession and executive compensation, partnering on merger decisions [...]


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Leaders Who Hunt as a Pack

By John Sutherland
Most leadership development does not produce a pack. It produces individual leaders. Below, John Sutherland discusses the importance of leaders working well with other strong leaders, and argues that the pack that hunts together stays together.
Wolves hunt as a pack and are brilliant team players. Once they pick up the scent they are [...]

The New Supply Chain Challenge

By Cathy Johnson, Hitachi Consulting
Supply chain alignment is demanding a different paradigm of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and with that, how performance is managed. Below, Cathy Johnson discusses the importance of tying everything together for successful supply chain management.
Today’s supply chain is not as simple as it once was. In designing supply chains, organisations across [...]

Le Roi est mort, vive Le Roi Life after Succession

By Sherilyn Casiano
In the conversation about succession planning, most of the discussion revolves around the future continuity of the business. Very little is said about the impact of such a transition in human terms. Below, Sherilyn Casiano examines this human factor and shares recommendations for how to effectively deal with the human aspect of succession [...]

Future Proofing the Capital Value of Your Business

Lessons and Experiences from the Journey of Succession

By Richard Shrapnel
Succession is a dynamic journey, and anyone involved in this process should seek to understand it before venturing forward. Below, Richard Shrapnel explores the journey of succession.
Succession is a journey that preferably commences the day you start your business but often only starts when an owner [...]

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority Attracts International Investors Ahead of Expo 2020

Many overseas businesses are already aware of the advantages Dubai has to offer. For nearly twenty years, Dubai Airport Freezone Authority has been offering its customers the essential tools they need in order to profit from working out of Dubai.
After years of dedicated planning and commitment to secure the Expo 2020, Dubai has once [...]

Using Business Cases to Champion New Ideas and Advocate Business Growth

By Wolfgang Messner
Despite clear business-growth objectives, managers often have to make decisions on projects with uncertain outcomes, which can result in failed initiatives, missed goals, and overrunning costs. In this article Wolfgang Messner, author of the book Making the Compelling Business Case, outlines how a business case can be used as a tool, document, and [...]

Unify Your Communications

The way people work is changing fast – and competitive companies need to keep up. On site and remote employees alike rely on conferencing, multimedia, and instant messaging to get their jobs done. Managing all these services from a single environment is essential for maintaining profitability says Andrew Gray, EMEA Marketing Director, ShoreTel.
The constraints of [...]

Boards That Lead

By Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, and Michael Useem
Governing boards of large companies are moving from monitoring of management on behalf of shareholders to also leading with management to generate shareholder value. Below, Ram Charan, Dennis Carey and Michael Useem discuss how directors are taking charge of CEO succession and executive compensation, partnering on merger decisions [...]

Leadership Mindsets for IT Success

By Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard
Negative stereotypes regarding IT departments abound: they are slow, ineffective, dull. But the reality is very different. As Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard explain, IT needs to have strong leadership that can work and cooperate with other executives in the business for overall success.
IT is not something that [...]

Big Data Takes On Big Weather

By Djeevan Schiferli, IBM
Some European cities are turning to Big Data to not only predict the weather and its potential impact, but also to address public safety and business concerns that accompany adverse conditions. Below, Djeevan Schiferli argues that the ability to make better use of all this data can dramatically improve the way cities, [...]

Unlocking the Internet of Things

By John Bates
Big data is amassing like snow in a blizzard, forming an avalanche that threatens to bury anyone who ignores it. Below, John Bates, CTO for Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data, Software AG, discusses how systems with scalability, agility and speed can help to bridge the intersection of the digital ID and the [...]

The Obstacles to Women’s Entrepreneurship in Europe, and How to Deal with Them

By Viviane de Beaufort
An increasing number of women are interested in creating their own business – yet even in the 21st century, there are still obsactles that face them. Viviane de Beaufort distinguishes between the different types of women wishing to create their own business and analyses the support and training that the different categories [...]

People: A Key to Innovation Capability

By Scott J. Edgett
Top performing companies recognise that successful innovation is inherently complex. Below, Scott J. Edgett argues that no matter how much money a company invests, or how efficient it makes its internal processes, the companies that are the most successful at innovation are those that invest significant time, effort and money in [...]

Women in the Paid Labour Force: Global Work-Family Challenges and Solutions

By Bahira S. Trask
As an increasing number of women join the global labour-force, families have undergone complex transformations. Specifically, balancing work and home responsibilities has become a global concern. Below, Bahira S. Trask highlights some of the reasons behind these changes and suggests potential strategies and policies that could alleviate the situation.
Around the globe [...]

Securing Mobile Targets

By John Vestberg
While 4G and LTE networks deliver unprecedented bandwith and performance, they lack the inherent security of previous-generation networks.  Below, John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister shows how operators can secure their LTE networks, and protect subscribers’ data
Next generation 4G and LTE (fourth generation and long term evolution) mobile networks have rung changes for European [...]

Cross-Border Flows and Client Services

By David Bartlett, RSM International

This article examines the impact of cross-border flows on client demand for accounting and consulting services. The findings of this study were presented at the RSM World Conference in Amsterdam in October 2013.
Measuring Cross-Border Flows
Pankaj Ghemawat of IESE Business School in Barcelona has devised a four-dimensional model to measure cross-border [...]

Smart Specialisation and Economic Opportunity in the South West

By Richard Ball
The city of Exeter is proactively developing its credentials as a true exponent of “smart specialisation”, one of the pillars of the European Commission’s “Europe 2020” strategy to deliver smart and sustainable growth. Below, Richard Ball discusses how Exeter is facing up to the smart specialisation challenge and driving significant economic growth.
Cities [...]

Marketing Strategies for a Digital World

By Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates
In an increasingly digital age, organizations are being rapidly educated about the importance and scale of digital channels, and the colossal impact these platforms have on the modern consumer. Below, Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates discuss a framework for strategic digital marking success.
Enter the digital age. The new digital consumers [...]

The Limits to Outsourcing: Beware of the Consequences for Market Success!

By Masaaki Kotabe, Michael J. Mol, Janet Y. Murray & Ronaldo Parente
Over the past few decades, outsourcing, in particular offshore outsourcing, has become a widely used means for firms to improve their performance. Outsourcing helps lower the firm’s breakeven point and improve its return on investment. As a result, many firms have increased their outsourcing [...]

Tools for Success

By Gwynne Richards and Susan Grinsted
Supply chain management and logistics is taking centre stage in many companies today. Until recently the areas of warehousing and distribution have not been seen as core to a company’s operations and as a result have not always attracted the cream of management talent. Experienced managers have tended to fall [...]

What It Takes to Succeed with Big Data

By Tom Davenport

Big data is something that everyone in business needs to know about. Below, Tom Davenport, Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, author of Big Data at Work, discusses how organisations can harness the power of big data and suggests that the stand-alone era for big data and analytics is approaching the end of its useful life.

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