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The Fintech Opportunity for Banks in Europe

March 21, 2018

By Elena Mazzotti and Francesca Caminiti Propelled by data-driven innovation, fintech companies continue to gain traction – taking some financial firms by

Digital Transformation

Insights into the Transformation of Business in the Cyber-Age

March 16, 2018

By Mario Raich, Simon Dolan, Dave Ulrich, and Claudio Cisullo The rapid and disruptive technological developments are leading us into a global all encompassing


Bridging the Circular Economy and Social Enterprise: The Dutch Ministry of Defence and Biga Groep

March 18, 2018

by Khaled Soufani, Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Giorgos Dimitriou and Panayotis Kikiras  A holistic approach to circular economy is the one that merges the


Creating an Agile Board of Directors

March 18, 2018

By Patrick Dailey and Joel Koblentz As the impulse of industry players to stay ahead of the competition skyrockets, how will you drive superior performance

Executive Health

The ROI of Wellbeing

February 26, 2018

By Steven P. MacGregor I was teaching Masters students at IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology this week. Teaching wellbeing at work to an average

Biochemistry 101

December 19, 2017


Speaking Truth to Power

March 18, 2018

By Megan Reitz and John Higgins The need for transparency has never been more important, both in politics and in business. However, new research from Hult

Marketing & Consumers

Hunter or Hunted? How Digital Media and GDPR Increases Importance of Inbound B2B Sales

January 30, 2018

By Laurence Minsky and Keith Quesenberry Today, through prior digital and social media research, organisational buyers approach their vendor sales teams much

People Management

Savvy and Skillful: a new look at office politics

March 21, 2018

By Adrian Furnham Until recently the concept of office politics was exclusively associated with dirty tricks and Machiavellian manipulation. But recently

Speaking Truth to Power

March 18, 2018

Business Mobility

Digitisation for the Short, Medium and Long-Term for Better Customer Experiences

March 13, 2018

By Joerg Niessing Many companies today understand that the wave after wave of digital technology is a phenomenon they need to respond to as quickly as

Supply Chain

The Real Industry 4.0 Challenge

March 18, 2018

By Richard Markoff and Ralf Seifert As the manufacturing industry enters into the fourth industrial revolution or the Industry 4.0, supply chain leaders are


Women in Leadership

What’s Your Superpower?

November 24, 2017

By Lauren Noël and Christie Hunter Arscott Imagine you enter an interview for a job and an executive asks you: “What’s your superpower?” How would you

Social Media

Fashion Brands and Social Media: Counterintuitive Evidence

March 10, 2018

By Matteo Altobelli Marketing budget has been exponentially going digital. In this article, the author explores the social media platforms being used by 108

How to Stand Out Online

December 7, 2016

Global Business

To Find Value in the Digital Age, Find It for Others First

January 25, 2018

By Omar Abbosh, Vedrana Savic and Michael Moore To grow their businesses consistently, leaders must envision a much bigger picture of where value resides than

David De Cremer on Management

Organisational Vitality: The Life Line for Your Company

November 13, 2017

By David De Cremer Where do you see your company many many many years from now? In this article, David De Cremer tells us the importance of passion, energy,